Intent of the Day: Stand Behind What We Say


Saying what you believe is only half the battle. It can be just as scary to try sticking to what you say. In any are of your life, standing by what you say is going to determine levels of trust, reliability and care. It’s going to indicate your ability to listen, adapt and stay committed. When we are tired or feel unsupported, it feels less worth it to stand. When we don’t see ourselves as leaders or captains of our lives, it can feel pointless, but we can assure you that much is communicated by speaking up and staying strong. We intend to stand behind what we say.

You too? Here are 3 things to help:

  • This help on being true to your word in all arenas.
    Standing behind what you say includes what you say to yourself. Do you have the strength to uphold the words you speak? Whether it is a firm stance on a relationship? Or even just going to the gym or choosing to prepare healthy meals? The little ways we don’t follow through to ourselves adds up much more quickly to the things we say to others. It also diminishes our confidence that we can hold strong when we know we don’t intend to follow through on the words we speak to ourselves.