Intent of the Day: Stay Honest


Our intent is to stay honest. That means we first have to get honest. Then we have to remain there. For so many of us, we have trouble even determining what is honest for us:
honest about our feelings
honest about what we’re good at
honest about what we’ve accomplished

But it’s hard to go somewhere new when we aren’t honest about our where we are or the state that we’re in. This is a moment to pause and get honest with yourself and then stay in that space when it comes to everyone and everything else.

Getting honest. You too? Here are 3 things to help you get there:

  • These 6 steps to staying true to you, from
    If we’re going to stay honest, it’s going to start with us staying true to ourselves. The trouble is we have the easiest time lying to ourselves because we are the only person who knows our inner thoughts and feelings. Staying true to you may be more complicated than you realized, which is why we love these 6 small practices to help you be honest with yourself.


  • This interview with Mallika Chopra about the power of intent and getting honest with yourself.

    Mallika Chopra was a stressed out, overworked mom trying to run a business and be a human, but it wasn’t until she became honest about how overwhelmed she was and where she wanted to be that things started to change. This interview features Mallika sharing her journey of getting honest and making the changes necessary to find balance in her journey