Intent of the Day: Things That No Longer Serve


When was the last time you went through a solid spring cleaning? Not just your bedroom. Not just the places people can see. We’re talking the deep cleaning. The garage. Behind the appliances. The areas you usually avoid. What about the things that don’t even work anymore- figuratively and literally. Taking a quick inventory, we can often find quick fixes, things hanging on by a thread and unnecessary items collecting dust in our home, but also in our mental and emotional lives. You have a bookshelf but it is full of books you never read and basically serves as an item we avoid having to dust. We have a closet full of clothes that used to fit or we hope will one day fit but no real plan for how to do that.

Our physical space is often time a symbol of what is going on internally. Are there things collecting dusts? Are there problems waiting with no plan of action to move you closer to a solution? You need no special mountaintop moment to begin taking inventory of what works and what doesn’t. Some things are still in fine condition, they just no longer serve where you are and where you are going. This means that a person, place or thing doesn’t have to be bad to be ready to transition elsewhere. It simply means keeping your eyes and your grip open for the purpose of growth.

We intend to release the things that no longer serve.

You too? Here are 3 things to help you do the same?

  1. 5 steps to release what no longer serves you, from Positively Positive
    Release may not come natural and, if this is the case, we are happy to share this guidance on knowing when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.
  2. This guidance on spring cleaning your life, from Bustle
    Spring doesn’t have to be a fresh start for just your home, it can be a fresh start for you as well! As you dig out the cleaning supplies for the countertops, windows and floors, time to dig out some tools to do the same for yourself and we loved this help from Bustle!
  3. These 6 ways to let go of someone you weren’t expecting, from Elite Daily
    Sometimes change comes from out of nowhere and we’re left with a mess we never intended to clean up. Where do you even begin when you’re recovering from the loss of a person whether a family member, an ended relationship, a failed business partnership? We appreciated this help on letting go and moving on!