Intent of the Day: Unique Abilities


“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

-Dr. Seuss

For one minute, we want to put up the blinders. For just a minute we want to pause on the comparison and the false humility to really notice the person in the mirror. Check in with yourself. Notice your feet on the ground. Notice the tips of your fingertips. How do you feel? When we ask how you feel about you does it conjure feelings of anxiety, frustration over not being seen, hopeful about your potential? Any number of emotions might arise and today we want to focus in on the parts of ourselves that are unique and powerful, even if they don’t appear that way at first glance.

Our intent is to see our unique abilities. You want to find those things? Here are 3 things that might help: 


  • This encouragement to embrace your uniqueness from speaker and dancer Cassandra Naud at TEDxUniversityofPiraeus

    Do you have to explain your difference? Should we be pitying people who do not fall into the zone we consider “normal”? What is normal? Cassandra shares her story of embracing every aspect of herself and living in the fullness of her individuality, the way we would hope everyone would do. We loved her TEDx talk about not seeing your differences as limitations!