Intent of the Day: Word for 2017


We’ve all read every article about how New Years Resolutions neither last nor work, right? You’re lucky to make it to mid-January before you’ve either forgotten or run out of steam on a huge goal you ran at with full force. And what happens when you’re one of the few super humans who actually completes your resolution? What do you do with the rest of the year? This is why we prefer to choose a word of intention to guide our thoughts and actions.

So what are the keys to a successful word of intent in 2017?

-Choose something that makes you a little scared.
It’s no challenge if you can do it with your eyes closed. Part of staying focused on an intent is choosing something that doesn’t allow you to switch into auto-pilot so choose something big! Maybe a word like “Risk”, “Bold” or “Fearless” is the perfect choice for you. When you feel yourself shrinking back or playing it safe, having a simple reminder to risk or be fearless is a great way to start moving in a new direction.

-Choose something that strengthens you.
Sometimes scary things are just actually things that emphasize where we feel weak. Rather than run away from that feeling, let’s look at 2017 as an opportunity to strengthen a muscle, just like you would in the gym. Perhaps a word like “Assert”, “Confident” or “Simplify” is the word you need to help end 2017 so much stronger.

-Choose something that helps you look forward to 2017 with excitement.
Whether or not 2016 was a great year or a rough one, a new year can often bring along feelings of trepidation. What is around the corner? Something wonderful is just as probably as something terrible. Finding a word of intent that can help you look forward to 2017 is a great way to overcome any nervousness. A word like “Amazing”, “Focused” or “Fun” not only makes January exciting, but that same excitement can remain all year long. What could be better than a “fun” year?

So what are your qualifications?
What strengthening, opportunities to overcome your fears or excitement awaits you in 2017?