Intent of the Day: Decide What We Will Stand For


In the light of all the breaking news and unrest in the world, we are all finding the opportunity to examine what matters to us. Last night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, we were able to see what happens when an industry comes together to celebrate their work-related accomplishments and have a dialogue about how they will respond to current events happening in a world outside their industry.

What will you stand for? What will you and your peers unite to make better? Safer? Stronger? Right now, you may not realize the great power that is the willingness to have an open and patient conversation. You may not realize the bravery that is saying “this is important to me!” You may not understand just how much sacrifice it requires to make a change, but show up anyway. Our intent is to decide what we will stand for and we hope you will join us. Whether that is education, health, children, our environment, really an endless number of things could use your care at any given moment, we hope you will do so boldly and graciously!

Here are some of our favorite SAG speeches and encouragement to be unified, to be love and the be someone who calls out the greatness in others.