Intent Video of the Day: Don’t eat the marshmallow (cute and funny)

In this short TED talk, Joachim de Posada shares the findings of a very cute and funny experiment that he says reveals the most important factor in success. Delayed gratification, it seems, is more predictive of a child’s success in later years than IQ, GPA, and many other traditional measures. His message to you? Don’t eat the marshmallow.

Fore more very funny outtakes from kids taking the marshmallow test, watch this:

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  1. Bullshit! Just be happy to eat one, darling…. learn that teachers-MORE are not always the solution.

  2. Agree Jean-Francois – I truly think this test reveals and teaches these children how to be satisfied with what they have already in front of them instead. Waiting for something better to come along can actually be more damaging later on in life. Now patience, yes, might play a factor in whether one is truly happy, or “successful” in life, but having a whole bag of marshmallows compared to just a couple or one? This tends to suggest a predisposition, in the adults doing this experiment, as being materialistic and therefore making it the defining factor of “success.” The little girl was satisfied with one and enjoyed it and moved on . . . that was beautiful to me.