Intent Video of the Day: Felicia Tomasko on choosing a daily practice

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Many of you are already very familiar with our friend Felicia Tomasko — Editor in Chief of LA Yoga Magazine and a very active member of the community here at In this video, Felicia speaks to the importance of committing to a “non-negotiable” daily practice. Whether it’s drinking lemon water every morning or having a hot bath every night, Felicia says setting an intent to take care of yourself each and everyday can definitely enhance your life (hint hint: #30dayintents!).

By the way, if you haven’t heard of BigHappyDay yet… definitely check out their YouTube channel. They post fun, engaging daily videos of teachers talking about yoga, spirituality, sustainability, and many other interesting topics. You can find more from Felicia, plus some other great ones: Suzanne Sterling on Singing as Pranayama, Bo Forbes on Neuroplasticity, Erica Shaw on Tantra, and Jenny Sauer-Klein on the Art of Communication are great to to start!


  1. What a great video by Felicia! I am a big fan of hers. 🙂
    Actually, I think stating an intent should be a non-negotiable daily practice. It's an act of grounding yourself every day. (I also think some sort of exercise and meditation!)