Intent Voices Interview Series: Denise Spatafora

Here at Intentblog, we believe that one of the best ways to support one another in our intents is to provide a strong sense of community. That’s why we’re starting a new series of posts called the Intent Voices Interview Series – to give you the opportunity to know the community of bloggers here at Intent better. The Intent Voices represent a wide array of ages, ethnicities, occupations, and backgrounds,and each of them bring a unique and valuable perspective to the blog. In this series, they will share what inspires them and how they hope to make a difference through blogging.

First up… Denise Spatafora!

How long have you been writing for Intentblog, and what topics do you like to write about?

I have been writing for Intentblog for about 3 and half years. I write a lot about topics related to my birthing book — being mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared for birth as well as the lessons, challenges, opportunities for self growth and beauty in parenting. Also, I write about the methodologies I use in my coaching practice (all I have designed and teach to leaders for the last 15 years) and “the art of communication.” ┬áMy writing covers how to have difficult conversations, innovating and inventing your leadership, the power and practical tools for aligning your team, trust-faith & surrender and more.

What inspires you?

People’s fearlessness, traveling the world, writing, playing with my children, teaching, running to great music, eating new flavors and more.

If you had a stadium full of a million people and had the opportunity to teach one thing, what would you teach?

I would teach “The Art of Communication,” which includes how to set intentions for conversations, knowing and understanding yourself and your reactions, listening and understanding even if you don’t agree, speaking in a way to be heard, listening in a way that the other person feels heard, and asking questions. I would teach people how to communicate without assumption and have the courage to stay in the conversation until it’s truly complete, leaving people more and more connected.

What is your intent as a blogger on Intentblog?

To make a big difference for the readers and this community.