Intention is Everything

Red Light...Intention is everything. We know this, but we so often forget it. If we give something to someone we don’t like we may do so with the secret hope that whatever we give will bring harm to the other person.

“There,” we may say to ourselves, “much good may it do him!”

An unloving gift is no gift at all.

Now, think of giving money to a cause. You can do that in several ways, also. If you give it with a grudging attitude then that money, no matter how much it is, will go into the world with a less than pure intent. You can also give with the underlying thought that if you do so this person will, finally, leave you alone. A donation made in that spirit is not likely to feel very good to anyone. In contrast, a small sum, given with heart-felt joy and with innocence, not expecting any reward nor any thanks – that money will carry a pure intention and will do real good.

The way we give money is exactly the same as the way we give love. We manifest what we feel in our souls, not what we give from our wallets.

photo by: Kıvanç Niş