An Intentional Q&A with Tara Stiles

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Yesterday we got to share about the brand new book from Strala Yoga creator Tara Stiles, “Make Your Own Rules Diet”.  Today, she’s sharing her fears, must-haves and techniques for keeping up with intentions in a Q&A with our community. Check it out:

Q: What is the most recent intention you’ve set?
A: Connect from the heart is a recent intention that has really set wonders in so many aspects of my life.

Q: What techniques do you use for keeping intentions at the forefront when going through your day?
A: When I get off track, I try to make a few moment for meditation where I can get reconnected to my intentions. Whenever I plug back in I am always set right back on a great direction.

Q: Right now I’m listening to:
A: “Better way” by Ben Harper

Q: Food I can’t live without is:
A: Bananas

Q: Something you learned recently that interested or surprised you is…
A: Limits truly are in your own mind.

Q: What inspires you?
A: People with a kind heart & nature.

Q: Has there ever been a big risk that you took and ended up being really glad you did?
A: Creating the structure of Strala as a system of movement.

Q: When it comes to making choices about your life, what criteria do you use when deciding yes or no?
A: I go with intuition over anything.

Q: What fears are left for you to conquer?
A: They come up a lot, but I have learned to choose love when they do. That always puts things into perspective.

Q: What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
A: I don’t feel brave. I suppose I’ve always been excited to walk into the unknown but I don’t think that counts as bravery. There are true heroes out there we can learn great qualities from.

Q: What does rest look like to you?
A: A few days of unplugging spent in nature.

Pre-ordering Tara’s new book “Make Your Own Rule Diet” comes with a free gift! Email a copy of your receipt to and Tara will send you Wake Up Yoga routine to energize your morning and get you off to a great start to feeling connected and inspired all day long.