Introducing the New Intent App! is a community where members can share their dreams and aspirations, and receive support from others. This is your online destination for turning your intention into tangible action, and inspiring others to do the same.

As a brand and website, we’ve aspired to be the most trusted wellness destination for capturing and sharing peoples intentions — personal, social, spiritual and environmental which is why it is with great pleasure, we are excited to share the first glimpses of the new Intent app coming this March! Over the past few years, we’ve grown a community that values intentionality in pursuing the life you dream of. Now we have the opportunity to bring that community to your smart phone and into your everyday life!


Browse the stream of intents set by other users just like you would at
See what is trending online, what your friends are sharing or browse by category to adopt or find inspiration in setting your own goals.


Stay in touch with friends as they set their own intentions as well. Adopt intents, share your support, encouragement and tips for accomplishing anything!

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Update your friends in real time as you meet milestones and accomplish tasks that move you forward in your intention. Enjoying today? For Mallika, it included a walk outside, a productive meeting and a satisfying dinner out with friends.

As you discover intentions, create them anywhere:


Set your intentions from anywhere. Choose a category…

A new feature we’re rolling out with the new app? Take a photo, find a color or use an image to get creative with setting your mind on your intention.

Then it’s time to share- via email, social media, with other Intent users. Let your community cheer you on as you make strides in the long and short term goals for your life.

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So how do you get the Intent app? Before it rolls out everywhere, we’re inviting our Intent family to try it out first! Sign up here to be among the first to receive the download code and begin posting from anywhere and everywhere.