Is that Obama getting a colonics treatment?!

Iman gets introduced to colonics on 30 DAYS OF INTENT

No, it’s not Obama. But it’s the next best thing — Iman Crosson! You probably know Iman as Alphacat, the YouTube sensation famous for his hilarious Obama impersonations and music videos. Iman also stars in The Chopra Well’s upcoming series, 30 DAYS OF INTENT, which launches on October 2. We interviewed Iman on his feelings surrounding the show’s launch and what he took away from the experience.

The Chopra Well: 30 Days of Intent is finally launching next week! Are you excited to share your journey with your friends and family? Nervous about anything that’s going to be shown?

Iman Crosson: I’m absolutely ecstatic! I’m very excited to share my experience with everyone. I’m probably most nervous to watch myself back in some of the therapy sessions. I was in a much different place emotionally back then and I’m an incredibly honest person with my emotions. I took the chance to take the whole experience and be honest with myself, so it should be interesting to watch.

CW: When you embarked on the 30 Days adventure, what was your driving motivation and what was your intent?

IC: My driving motivation while on 30 Days of Intent was to find a better balance within myself. I had gone through some things that just really threw me off, so being on this show was a much welcomed experience.

CW: You and Natalie tried a lot of awesome and bizarre practices during the 30 days. Can we have a sneak peek of something particularly intriguing to look forward to?

IC: Natalie and I experienced a horse therapy session which was really intriguing and different. I had never heard of such at the time. I think the audience will find it really interesting. Also, we took part in a water therapy session as well. That was very cool.

CW: What was the greatest lesson you took away from the experience? Would you do it again?

IC: The greatest lesson I took away from the whole experience was that we ‘die everyday.’ Sounds morbid, but I look at it as every day an unnecessary piece of us can fall away, creating a better, improved person all around.

CW: With the election just around the corner, can we look forward to some great Alphacat Obama impressions? What else have you got coming up?

IC: With election season coming everyone can definitely look forward to some great Obama comedy. I have a lot planned for that. I’ve also just starred in my first movie called “Along the Roadside.” I can’t wait for everyone to see it!


Horse therapy and Iman getting emotional? That’s right! It’s all coming up on 30 DAYS OF INTENT, launching on October 2 with two weekly episodes throughout the Fall.

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