Is Yoga Too Religious For Schools?

A group of parents in Encinitas, California have threatened “unspecified legal action” if free yoga classes at a local school aren’t stopped.

The lessons are funded by a three-year grant from the Jois Foundation. They’ve been formulated to focus only on the physical aspects of yoga, removing all religious content. A number of schools are already offering twice-weekly classes and others are slated to offer yoga starting January 2013.

Some parents have removed their children from the classes, while others are contemplating more serious action. The concern seems to be that the kids are being indoctrinated with eastern religion.

The school’s superintendent stands behind the program, citing the stress-reducing benefits of yoga and the potential to spill over into improvement in academics.

Is is possible to separate yoga from its roots? Is it appropriate to teach yoga in schools? Can this controversy be resolved with more communication? Share your comments below!

photo by: creativedc