It’s Summer! 13 Tips to Lose Weight and Wear a Bathing Suit

Anyone’s life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, soap, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit. ~ Lillie Langtry

How are y’all doing?  I must say; I am super duper fine.  It’s summer and when I say it can’t get too hot for me, so far I mean it!

Peter and I are in Tucson.  The purpose or focal point of the trip was to attend our dearest friend’s wedding, which we did, and OMGGM (Oh My Goodness Gracious Me), it could not have been more beautiful.  An outdoor wedding with mountain views in every direction.  I cried at least 5 times. (photos in KITT Club newsletter – of the wedding; not of me crying)

The temperature hoovers between 100 and 105 degrees each and every day.  However, because this is the desert, it is dry heat (and yes that sure does make a huge difference), and the temperature does drop at night by about 30 degrees.  In other words, it is cool at night, cool in the morning when one awakes (I get up at 5 a.m. to the birds singing), and the heat is only intense between 12 noon and 5 pm.

Here come some truly exciting parts of this adventure!  Excitement #1:  There are two pools here and my favorite is the heated one, which may seem ridiculous in 105 degree weather, but actually, it’s quite lovely.  So, each and every day, in the heart of the heat of it, I head to the pool and swim (if you want to call it that) and float (the art of which I have perfected).  Pure heaven!  YES! I use sunscreen, wear sunglasses and a big floppy hat!

Excitement #2:  After a lifetime of ‘fat,’ I can say with certainty that I have taken another step forward in ‘freeing’ myself from the chains of poor self-image. I bought and wore a bathing suit! (There’s little need for one in Manhattan.  No heated pools in or near our building.) While trying it on in the dressing room under harsh lights and three-view mirrors, I managed not to utter a self-deprecating word.  Peter, without provocation, said with a raised eyebrow and a salacious smile, “Wow!”

The bathing suit, for those interested, is called a ‘miracle suit,’ and I think it is.  I may go drive (woo hoo, I’m behind the wheel gone wild) back to the store “Everything but WATER” and purchase one in every color.  When one finds something that fits well, if at all humanly possible, one should buy one in every color.  I’m still pondering that ‘investment,’ and I may do just that!!!

All this summer talk has prompted me to create and share my  …

13 It is Summer and Yes I Gotta Lose Weight Tips! These are thirteen tips to calm down, get down, get real, and survive wearing a bathing suit!

1. Walking Meditation. A walking meditation is your basic slow, run-of-the-mill walk, with awareness. It invigorates the tired soul!! How to: Stay mindful of your step — your rhythm, the sound. If your mind wanders (and it invariably will), gently bring your attention back to your walking. Ahhhh ….

2. Turn the Air-Conditioner Off at Meal Times. During the summer months, our bodies naturally crave more liquids than food. So, by turning off your air-conditioner at mealtime, you will automatically eat less, conserve energy and lower your electric bill! It’s a win, win, win!

3. Keep a Summer Weight Loss Scrapbook — In addition to tracking your food (statistics show that those who do, lose faster), you can add quotes, recipes, and fun summer time photos. It will keep you focused on the positive, get your “upward spiral” in motion and at the end of the summer, you will have an amazing memento of the best summer ever!

4. Shoot for Last. There seem to be more “dining out” challenges during the warm months. A good way to eat less is to wait until everyone else is served before you start eating. And then, chew slowly, making sure that you are the last one to finish! Make it a part of your summertime strategy! Eat less. Lose More!

5. Focus on What Your Body Can DO! Instead of zeroing in on your self-perceived flaws, how about engaging in some fun physical activities, such as golf, tennis, badminton or even croquet, so that you can begin to appreciate what your body can do! Do you get it? Your body is amazing!  (EVEN – as in my case – FLOATING!!!  I do use my arms and legs to float in different directions!)

6. Get Dirty … and Stress Less. To improve your stress level, plant a small garden. If space is limited, try a few flower pots — either outside or on your windowsill. Putting your hands in soil is “grounding,” and it can help relieve both physical and mental stress.

7. Be Kind to Your Eyes. When outdoors, wear sunglasses that block at least 99% of ultraviolet A and B rays. Sunglasses can help prevent cataracts, as well as wrinkles around the eyes.

8. Develop Your Own Summertime Style. Just for the fun of it (fun being the operative word), why not ‘try on’ a new style this summer. Experiment with colors that you wouldn’t normally wear, and styles too. Hey, you never know! A new you may step forward.

9. Toss a Healthy Snack in Your Bag! Since you’re likely to be out more during the summer, you might find yourself in need of a healthy snack. Just as I always toss my keys, cell phone, and lipstick in my bag, so goes a piece of fruit! Make it a healthy habit!

10. Beach Time Visualization. Imagine the stress of the day, week and month along with anything else that might be weighing you down, going out with the tide. Breathe in experience; breathe out poetry!

11. Bathing Suit Trauma. How to buy and wear a bathing suit; feel good and strut your stuff.  (YAY!!! I listened to my own good – no great – advice!)

Do NOT Go with the Latest Style. Mix and match and find what works best for you!

You Look Better Than You Think. I promise, you do! Most of us have an inaccurate read on how we look.

Wrap It. If you are truly uncomfortable and it stopping you from enjoying summer, then wrap your waist in some fashionable cover-up.

Mirror. When you are looking in the mirror, zero in on a favorite part of yourself.

Maybe it’s your eyes, or your lips … your soul! No beating up of self allowed.

12. On Vacation? Opt for a condo or efficiency apartment vs. a hotel room … one that has a kitchen! You’ll save calories, money and mental stress! Even if you eat one meal there, and pack lunch and/or snacks for the road, you’ll be ahead of the game!

13. Did I say Game? Setting yourself up for success can be the best game ever played.  Play On!

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Have a spectacular week!

Spread the summer-loving word … NOT the icing!


photo by: mysweetiepiepie