Josh Fattal: 444 Days in Iran…and counting

This post describes a film about Josh Fattal, that I put my heart and soul into making, with the INValuable inspiration of Josh and Alex Fattal, INvaluable help of producer Stephanie McCabe, INvaluable footage from Yogeeta Manglani and INvaluable photos and quotes from Josh’s beloved family and friends. Many of the photos and quotes are from Josh and my former students – after spending 4 months traveling the world together we are all heart broken that he continues to suffer such grave injustice. Not only did Josh do nothing wrong, but he is such a good force in our world – one that we desperately need back continuing to make it a better place. Continuing to make our lives better lives.  May this film help bring him home to us soon. We love you Josh! 

Here is the official description of the film:

This is a Free the Hikers film about Josh Fattal, still unjustly detained in Iran along with Shane Bauer. No matter where Josh is, his interest in his environs combined with his kind and thoughtful nature provoke a deep sense of admiration from others. The film contains footage, photos and quotations from Josh’s loved ones in an attempt to begin to capture the extraordinary person he is. It starts with letters to him from his family, his roots, and continues to share reflections from childhood and university friends. It then gives a glimpse into how much he was valued as a colleague and friend at Aprovecho Research and Education Centre. The majority of the film shares Josh’s journey as the Teaching Fellow on the International Honors Program Health and Community Study Abroad Program. The intense journey took Josh to Switzerland, India, China, and South Africa from Jan-May 2009 with 33 students, 3 co-faculty, and multiple country partners. We hope that sharing this will help to speed his return to us and allow him to resume his journey. See for more information.


  1. Thank you Farah for taking the time to post this important message about Josh. Let the plight of Josh and Shane continue to be heard around the world — this site is certainly a global vehicle!

    As sad as the consequences of the Wikileak documents may be, I pray that the glaring truth will bring Josh and Shane home — to give Sarah and their families the peace and joy they all deserve.

    Minnesota loves our native son Shane, his soon to be bride Sarah and dear friend Josh — all three will continue to be blessed beacons of light.