Just Notice: The Gift of Seeing and Changing Lives

Xan you remember the people you saw this morning on your walk from your house to your car? From your car to your office or into the grocery store? While we are aware that there are other humans crossing our paths, we don’t always notice who they are or what they’re doing.


I got inspired by a kid ❤️

Posted by Joyce Gilos Torrefranca on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Joyce Torrefrance, a student from the Philippines, shared this post of a child she passed on the street who appeared to be studying at a makeshift desk on the street. With further investigation, news outlets were able to identify the child as 9 year old Daniel Cabrera who studied on the street as his mom Christina Espinosa worked in a shop nearby. Since the loss of her husband 2 years ago and her home to a fire 5 years ago, Espinosa has worked hard to provide for herself and her three children.

Now, with the help of media attention, Daniel and his family are being provided with groceries, scholarships and the gift of being seen and noticed by their community. When times are tough, many people struggle silently. They do their best with what they have, even as a 9 year old making an effort to remain dedicated to studying.

“Mama, I don’t want to stay poor.
I want to reach my dreams.”
-Daniel Cabrera

Amazing things can happen when we take a moment to notice. We see the blossoms that are growing and blooming everywhere now that the sun’s out. We see the tired person coming home from a long shift. We see the person who just got great news out of the blue and the person who is worried about how they’re going to share bad news. There is so much happening and maybe what people are needing most is for their community to notice, to celebrate with them, to grieve with them, to help out.

What might you be capable of if you took the time to notice. There is no gift too large or too small. There is not a dollar amount for undivided attention. One woman noticed a boy on the street and through the act of taking a photo, that boy’s family and life will be forever changed. So give a good gift and notice! Be prepared to be surprised how giving to others also gives back to you.