The Key to Breaking Peanut Allergy? More Peanuts


Peanut butter sandwiches are not allowed at many schools across the country, due to the recent discovery of (sometimes) severe peanut allergies in children. This baffles many new parents, who can’t recall anyone being affected by peanut or other tree nut allergies in their own childhood. However, progress has recently been made, as a new study released today reveals that the key to curing peanut allergies… is to eat peanuts.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

After years of frustration, allergists meeting in Washington proclaimed a small but significant victory against life-threatening peanut allergies. Five children, long urged to avoid peanuts like the plague, today tote peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches in their lunch boxes, blithely share candy with friends and accept snacks at other people’s homes without quizzing their hosts on the treats’ ingredients. The children appear to have lost their allergies, said Dr. Wesley Burks, a Duke University pediatric allergist who presented the results of two clinical trials Sunday at a meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

This breakthrough may clear the way for the end of peanut bans in schools. Each year, roughly 75 children die from peanut allergies, those lives may be saved by peanut therapy, and peanut butter sandwiches can return to schools.