Knowledge is the Full Form of God

You think that the human incarnation is with high power when He performs miracles and is with less power when He preaches the knowledge. It is wrong. While preaching the divine knowledge He is full God like a thousand-watt bulb. He is a zero watt bulb while performing the miracles. Therefore even petty people are getting the powers of miracles. But they cannot attain the divine knowledge. While preaching Kauravas and while preaching Arjuna, Lord Krishna was full God (Viswaroopam State). When scholars preach the bookish knowledge they are also Zero watt bulbs. The divine knowledge preached by the human incarnation is called ‘Prajnanam’ or ‘true knowledge’ as said by Veda. ‘Prajnanam’ means the knowledge that is not possible for any human being to preach. Scholars are called gurus. The human incarnation alone is Satguru. Sat means God. Satguru means God in the form of Guru.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Datta Swami