Laughing Meditation – Good for an Instructor’s Heart and Soul

The 2nd Tuesdays of the month, I give a Laughing Meditation Session at a Yoga Studio in the Berkshires.  There are plenty of statistics on the benefits of Laughing Meditation for the participants such as: reduced risk of Heart Disease, lower blood pressire, reduction in levels of harmful Stress Hormones, improved lung function and boosts to Immune System.  There is not much (none that I could find) about the benefits for the teacher who is giving the session. 

I am allways surprised when participants stay after the session to share how relaxed they feel – more than in months or that their sinus blockage is completely gone or they haven’t laughed so much in years.   This particular Tuesday, however a young woman surviving with cancer stayed to share her story of invasive surgeries and radical treatments that caused more problems in her body and how Yoga and Ayrveda have been her salvation.  She feels healthy and can exercise and has improved more with Yoga, & Meditation than any Western medicine that was prescribed.  She enjoys laughter meditation and feels true joy in her life.  My heart sings and my soul dances.


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About kathi.casey

I am a teacher, coach, author, speaker, and I have a local TV show in the Berkshire of Massachusetts called "To Your Health" with Kathi Casey.  I write a column for Retirement, Life After 50 magazine, South Shore Senior News and others.   My favorite trainings are those that help people relieve chronic pain.  There is nothing better in this life than to see someone who is pain suddenly smile because you have shown them a tool to get rid of their pain.  :)

In my 40's, I was gaining weight, had developed High Blood Pressure from hormonal imbalances, suffered from sciatica off and on, and my immune system was allowing me to catch every bug that floated by.  I decided enough was enough.  I gave up my high stress job, spent a month living in Yogaville training to become a Yoga teacher.  It was total immersion into a new and healthier lifestyle and started me on the path that I am still following.  After teaching Yoga for several months, the opportunity to become certified in Pilates became available and I accepted it as the wonderful gift that it was.  Then came Healing Touch certifications, Somatics, QiQong classes, and the list continues to this day.  I love learning new techniques for healing and I especially love sharing them with others.  I am grateful for my health and my talents for teaching and writing.

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