Learning To Live Through Transitions

As soon as I change jobs, then I’ll be able to….

When I finish my book, then I’ll be able to focus on….

Once I complete my move, then I’ll be able to…give my all to my relationship, job, or myself.

 All of the above conditions exist because you let them. Often, we establish a set of conditions that hold ourself hostage for no reason. This doesn’t need to be the case.

You can still be happy or be in a beautiful relationship if you are going through a challenging financial time, stressful time at work, or moving. I’m know saying it’s easy, but it CAN be done.

Life doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Transitions will exist until we no longer do. So instead of trying to get rid of the transitions or challenging times, learn to live with them and breathe through them. Know that you’ve moved through transitions before and will do it again and again.

What if we convinced ourselves that transitions were exactly what we needed to grow and help us take the next step forward? Think about the “wins” (aka amazing experiences or accomplishments you are proud about) you’ve had in your life – has it been smooth sailing the entire journey? My guess is no.

There’s no need to let a bunch of false conditions hold you hostage and cloud over the amazing potential that exists within you.

Take the time to build a supportive team to help you move through these transitions rather than shutting down. It is possible to shift our mindset and how we see challenges. All events are neutral until we categorize them as positive or negative. The process is not easy and requires effort and making something a priority.

Top 1% Bottom Line: Life is a bunch of transitions rolled together. So don’t fool yourself into thinking that you need to just get through this one transition and then you can be happy, dive into a relationship, or whatever. The transitions add texture to your life and keep it interesting. Lean into each one and take small steps.

photo by: SidPix