Leo Eclipse

On August 1st we will experience a total solar eclipse in Leo. A total solar eclipse is caused when the moon covers up the sun by passing directly between it and the earth. Traditionally, this planetary alignment was associated with misfortune. But we cannot seriously make the eclipses the scapegoats for our problems. What the eclipses do is unveil secrets, release the beasts from our inner Guantanamo-Bay and bring them to our awareness. The eclipse did not put the dirt under the rug, it only shows us what was already there, thus forcing us to bring the vacuum cleaner. Eclipse are associated with the deepest layer of our subconscious. If heaven and hell have each seven levels, then I am sure the subconscious has 7 as well and if so, the eclipse has the magic of transmitting our awareness to the deepest layer. It is a psychic elevator to the place where we keep all our X files. That is what is happening this weekend.