A Letter From Santa: Oh Yes We Can!

Did you ever notice that extraordinary things happen at this time of year? Last week we wrote about how we consider Santa to be a great Yogi, and then out of nowhere we received a touching letter from him:

 Dear Ed and Deb,

Unfortunately, Mrs. Santa does not agree with you that I am a great Yogi. She says that just because I can fly and have many different names is no indication of spiritual attainment, and that I still have a long way to go. For instance, she says I first have to learn how to wash the dishes! So, sadly, I must hand back your accolade and ask you to simply refer to me as a jolly old man with a few magical powers who likes to make people happy. 

However, I would like to take this opportunity to offer a Christmas message to all your readers. I started giving presents to young and old as a way to make everyone feel more appreciated and happier. I thought that would lead to everyone treating each other a bit more nicely, that we would become more caring and friendly to one another. But it seems that my message of kindness and generosity has become somewhat lost amidst the shopping bags. We may be kind to our families but we tend to forget about anyone else.

I would like to tell your readers that I believe in peace and kindness for all. So if they want, they can join me by opening their hearts, not just their wallets, and recognizing that we are all one big human family and we all need to be loved and appreciated, whatever color our skin may be or whatever our name is. Yes we can! And we can do this not just for one day a year, but for every day of the year. Do good and be good!

I have friends who say, "Think with your heart and not with your head." Everyone needs to be appreciated and loved. I remember when you guys worked in the kitchen in a homeless shelter. You served those dear ones food and, as I recall, everyone had big smiles on their faces. Just as when you volunteered at Hospice.

We can all just stop for a moment and say, “Oh, yes we can!”  Because there is nothing we can’t do with an open heart. It is by truly believing this that I am able to deliver presents to children all around the world all at the same time!

Thank you for letting a caring old man say what he really feels. I can hear Rudolph calling so I have to head back to help the tireless elves at work, before I go to Mrs. Santa’s kitchen for a dishwashing lesson!

Happy Holidays to all,


How can we all be kinder? How can we all contribute to making this a better world? Do comment below.

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  1. Hi Yumi and Mallika,

    Merry Xmas … Thank you ladies and the Intent.com community for being there for all the people who care to share and make a difference in the world.

    We are humbled and honored to have this endearing connection.

    Our Love,,


    Ed & Deb