Letting Go of Over-Planning (VLOG)

We’ve all been told it’s best to get present and live in the “now”, but often I find myself living in the 500-years-from-now. If life is a journey and not a destination, how do we get into the moment and out of our obsession with that golden nugget in the future we think will solve all of our problems? Here are a few of my thoughts on the plight of the over-planner (me.)

Many thanks, as always, to Stefani Twyford of Legacy Multimedia for filming my vlogs and for her continued support as I trudge the road of “putting myself out there.” For more, check out my website, The Light Files, and follow me on Facebook or Twitter.


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Laura Max is a Houston-based writer, online Talk Show host of "The Light Files by Laura Max" on TheBusinessMakers.com, and author of "The Light Files" blog, an inspirational online magazine. Now a twenty-something, she discovered her passion for communicating through media when she was a teenager and has spent most of her time since then either in front of or behind a camera. As a regular guest on a CBS talk show in her hometown at 17, she realized that while it was often a struggle for her "be herself" with her teenage peers, she was for some reason completely comfortable doing so in front of the thousands watching her on camera. Through media, Laura aspires to continue enriching her own life and the lives of others by spreading a message of love, humanness, hope and humor. To read more from Laura Max, visit her website at www.thelightfiles.com.