Live Your Best Life, Naturally: Tips From The Web

It’s not easy being fabulous. Sometimes it’s even tricky being adequate. We all know sleep, exercise, and healthy eating are essential for a thriving body and a happy heart. But how many people actually have the time and discipline to live exactly as they  exactly as they wish they could? Here are some easy, natural tips to help you thrive between errands and coffee runs.

Some of us don’t have time to pack lunches, and some of us get paid to eat at restaurants every day. Either way, here’s how to eat out and still maintain your weight.

How To Eat At A Restaurant Every Day, Without Gaining Weight (Bliss Tree)

Don’t wait for your yearly exam to take the reins on your health. Is your heart at risk? Start doing something about it today.

7 Surprising Signs of an Unhealthy Heart (Care2)

Next time you want to spend $60 on face cream, go grocery shopping instead. The frugal (and yummy) path to a gorgeous You.

Six Foods to Make Your Skin & Hair Healthy (Elephant Journal)

People of all shapes and sizes struggle with cellulite – here are some simple tips to help you reduce it.

7 Tips to Naturally Reduce Cellulite (MindBodyGreen)

And we know it’s not the weekend yet…

Before you beat yourself up for five days of unhealthy activities, try these weekend tips to undo the week’s damages.

Healthy Weekend Activities: Undo the Office (Huff Post)