Love, Dating, and Loneliness: 5 Articles to Meditate On This Weekend

The desire for love and connection is pretty universal. But let’s face it – relationships are hard! And being single is hard, too! Here are a few articles that take a slightly different approach to the “happily ever after” conundrum. Whether you’re dating, married, or spending some quality time with a book and a glass of wine this weekend, you can meditate on what you really want your love life to look like, moving forward.

Let’s jump right in with a look at an alternative relationship. It’s not for everyone, but… to each her own?

Confession: How I (Still) Make My Open Relationship Work (HuffPost)

Before you start jumping up and down and clapping at the idea of having multiple boyfriends, consider the qualities that make up a ‘real’ man.

5 Signs You Are Dating a Real Man (YahooShine)

But if Mr. Right(s) takes a while showing up, what do you do about the whole ‘having babies’ thing?

I’m Seriously Considering Freezing My Eggs (The Gloss)

Ultimately, try not to be afraid of being alone. Be the soul mate for yourself! (And anyone else who wanders into your life will just be bonus.)

25 Ways to Be Alone, But Not Lonely (MindBodyGreen)

When you are ready to start getting frisky again, make full use of these natural aphrodisiacs!

7 Libido Boosters from Around the World (Care2)