Love Yourself First: Intent Voices Interview with Betsy Chasse

Next up in our Intent Voices Interview Series, Betsy Chasse.

What is your intent as a blogger on Intentblog?

I blog because it helps me process my own experiences in life and I have found sharing them with others creates the opportunity for a dialogue with people I would not have had the chance to meet, hear from or engage.

How long have you been writing for Intentblog, and what topics do you like to write about?

I have been writing for for about 3 months. I write about life, my life and experiences, relationships, spirituality.

What inspires you?

Living life- I am a woman and a mom who has spent many years investigating the question what is the meaning of life, why am I here.  I find that sometimes it all becomes very intellectual. My desire is to make it make sense to me, see if it actually works in my life and share what I’ve learned.

If you had a stadium full of a million people and had the opportunity to teach one thing, what would you teach?

Firstly I am far from a teacher! But I would share the one piece of wisdom I have learned being in the reality for 42 years. It starts with me, and I’ve got to start by loving myself.


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This post is part of the Intent Voices Interview Series. We hope these interviews will give you the opportunity to get to know the bloggers that write for Intent better and engage with them in the comments. The Intent Voices represent a wide array of ages, ethnicities, occupations, and backgrounds, and each of them bring a unique and valuable perspective to the blog. In this series, our bloggers share what inspires them and how they hope to make a difference through blogging.