Making Science Cool and Getting Sleep

We live in a generation where teachers make a fraction of what professional athletes take home. People can become celebrities by being really good at Twitter and you could get an MTV show by being able to ride in a shopping cart and crash into things, so we think it’s kind of cool how science and learning is making it’s comeback and our current favorite is the #SciShow on Youtube!

They address questions like “why is the sky blue?” (something about gases right?) and whether or not blue eyes are endangered (less to do with gases, I imagine). At intent, we especially appreciate the video about how much water you should be drinking or how to fall asleep:

According to SciShow 60 million Google users wanted to know how to fall asleep which clues us in to the fact that there are lots of humans who are having trouble getting there. We won’t spoiler alert you on what we learned from watching, but we’ll admit we were surprised that some of the little nighttime routines common to all of us were so detrimental to getting solid shut-eye.

There are plenty of videos to keep your learning brain entertained so maybe borrow a few minutes from the Vampire Diaries (don’t worry, we’re big fans of the CW as well…) and find out how mucus saved someone’s life.