Mallika Chopra: Gratitude & Giving Back

This time of year is one of gratitude, reflection, and planting the seeds for new intentions or re-affirming our intentions in the new year.

2012 was a big year for Intent. We relaunched and, grew our Intent community, added many new Intent Voices as bloggers, and grew significantly in our reach. I’d like to thank all of you – our community and supporters – for making it such a great year.

To express our gratitude, we wanted to try something new on We have set the intent to give back to our community with a donation – for every support of this Intent, we will donate $1 to a charity that is recommended by one of you (up to $1000).

Please support this intent, and in the comments, tell us of an organization that could benefit from our donation. The more comments and stories you share with us, the more all of us can learn about the great work being done by individuals and organizations around the world. We will seriously consider all your referrals before making the donation. We’d love to also interview the person who made the recommendation that ultimately is chosen.

Please share the intent with your communities to garner more support (and money) for the campaign and ask people to support your recommendation or give us their own favorite charities.

We look forward to hearing from you about the great work that we know so many organizations around the world are doing to help others.