Man with OCD Breaks Hearts in Viral Poem

Neil Hilborn has to make sure he locked the door 18 times before goes to bed. He organizes his food by color before he can eat it. Neil Hilborn has OCD.

He has also been in love and his poem about falling for someone while battling obsessive compulsive ticks is powerful, hauntingly honest, and we’re willing to bet the most touching thing you’ll watch today. You may have already seen this video circulating your Facebook feed (in which case, you already know it is worth watching again), but if this is the first you’ve heard of Neil make a few minutes to watch.

The video made it to the top of Reddit last week, helping to propel Neil to internet stardom. He even popped into the thread to reveal the poem was written two years ago, and yes the girl in question has seen it. Despite them not being able to make it work, Neil’s testimony in the poem has been breaking hearts around the internet. While those with OCD have more obvious physical and mental boundaries that make it more difficult to build lasting relationships, everyone can relate to the terrifying feeling of finding someone that makes us feel safe and the devastating loss of losing them.

If you’re interested in more of Neil’s work you can check out his poem “The Mating Habits of North American Hipsters” below. It was the only poem at the 2013 Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam Invitation in Minneapolis to receive a perfect score. It is also a good pick me up after “OCD.”


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