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Hi, I have started meditating every night before I go to sleep. Now in just 2 weeks I went from 15 minutes to 40 minutes and eager to continue. While meditating when I reach quite phase no sensation of my body no thoughts, I also don’t feel my breath or very low breathing. At that moment I don’t feel comfortable with that phase as I get anxious to get out of that state and reach for regular breathing. I try to get myself out of meditation. My anxiety does not let me enjoy that moment. How do I handle that?. It is my main cause of anxiety. I am Vata type and feeling fatigue. When I try to do any kind of exercise or any fast movement I get anxiety since I am scared of my breathing pattern. Please help me here as I am waiting for a breakthrough of this pattern. As per doctors I need to do exercise. I have started to go for a walk 15 minutes in the morning. Your help is appreciated.


The deep state of meditation you reach where there is  no thought, no sensation in the body and almost no breathing is a profound state of stillness in mind and body. In the early phases of this stage of experience it sometimes happens that we get afraid that we need to breathe more deeply. However scientific research shows that  in that quiet state our entire mind/body system is functioning very smoothly and efficiently with reduced respiration and  heart rate. But because we are not accustom to that style of functioning yet, we can get afraid and find ourselves taking a big breath. That’s fine. Simply return to your meditation process again. You will soon get used to it and  find that stillness very comfortable and peaceful.



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