Miracles are not difficult


"There is no order of difficulty in miracles.  One is not "harder" or bigger" than another.  They are all the same.  All expressions of love are maximal."


As I allow this verse to embody my whole being, I feel so uplifted in knowing that when I come from a space of Love, everything else works out and I experience surprises, miracles, on my path.  I now see that we make miracles hard or big because of our need and drive to cause the miracle which results in our egos blocking miracles in our lives due to the ego need for recognition or validation in having a part to play in delivering the miracle.

Self Love, Love for others, Divine Love, Seeing joy, perfection and love in ALL that is – these expressions are miraculous.  Now when my ego engages and I am feeling lack of joy or peace, I know that I am in the way and am controlling the outcomes rather than stepping aside, trusting in the Universe Divine, and allowing Inspired Action to run my daily doingness.

What a great way to start this Course, to share with you, and to re-member that my ego is not in control and to be in a space of Love allowing miracles to show up in my life, to not judge the miracle, simply to accept with Love and Gratitude.

Join me in the study, lessons, and Universal Teachings of A Course in Miracles.