Miracles by Serving


For the past month, the book A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson has become my Bible. I carry it around everywhere, quote it to random strangers (true story) and find myself referencing it during times of need.

The  main message I received from the book is that we have one mission in life and that is to be a servant of Love. We are here to carry the work of our hearts. To spread the light. To surrender our notions of self and channel the energies of the Universe into giving.

On a superficial level, all this made sense. I can mentally understand that we ought to give back to the community. But between you and me, I have never been too much of a “volunteer”. I mean, I dabbled here and there, did a few Habitat for Humanities projects, but nothing too serious. I really just volunteered to add to my resume. It never truly felt authentic or from a place of love.

I spent all of last week at Omega Institute in upstate New York for the Yoga Service Council conference. YSC is an organization that seeks to spread the message of yoga service to the world. The conference was a huge deal, largely in part because it was their first one and will pretty much set the tone for the rest of the year.

Surrounding myself with yogis and yoginis who dedicate their lives to service is beyond inspiring. Many of these individuals gave up the comfort of regular paying jobs to create nonprofit organizations because they have experienced the healing powers of yoga. They seek to bring yoga to homeless shelters, schools, prisons, impoverished nations, etc. Halfway through my seven day stay at Omega, there came a revelation (angels singing, heaven’s opening, you name it) and I understood what Marianne Williamson is trying to tell us in her book beyond mental comprehension to something deep within the heart. I understood why A Course in Miracles came to me at this particular time. I saw the connection between all these events occurring in my life, from not getting the job I wanted, to going to YSC, to reading these books. All of these events are preparing me to Serve. That may not seem like a big deal but this slight shift from All About Me to Serving Others is radical. I finally understand my dharma, the reason for my existence…

Fixing, serving, or helping. Make a distinction. You want to be a SERVANT. You cannot fix others, it is not your job. Helping implies you are better. Serve. Offer. Heal yourself and give.

I am not sure what capacity Serving means for me at this moment. It may mean teaching a community class. It may mean working at a nonprofit. It most likely will mean helping other nonprofits grow in whichever way I can. What I DO know is that it’s not going to be an easy road and I definitely know it’s not glamorous work. But it feels right to me. Serving the community with the power of yoga is a gift I know I can do. Yoga has saved me and I know it can save others too. And the best part of YSC is that I now have the connections I need to begin the journey.

Exciting things are happening friends! I am excited to be a new addition to the Intent Voices team and hope to connect with each of you on your adventures in life.