The Soulful Practice of Reflection

espejoIn the wake of New Year’s Resolutions, the practice of Reflection sometimes gets overlooked. Reflection is a more subtle practice also applicable at any significant turning point.

Really, how do we decide what we want to change, or resolve, without reflecting on where we’ve been?

And how do we see where we are (really) and who we are (really), if we don’t open our eyes to what is being reflected back to us in every aspect of our lives.

It’s hard to get a true reflection from a rippled surface. Only when the water is very, very still can we see precisely what there is to see.

Each one of our 5 links encourages stilling the ripples in our minds so we can clearly see what is being reflected back to us. Opening our eyes to where we’ve been is the first step in deciding where we want to go.

Taking a closer look at what we seek and reject in our relationships can prove to be a very revealing practice.

The Mirror of Relationship (Care2)

Perhaps the most difficult part of reflection is that it shows us things we don’t want to see. Things we don’t want to remember. Making peace with who we are is often a matter of forgiveness.

Forgiving Yourself is Oh So Hard to Do (Huffington Post)

When we reflect on who we think we are, we often hear our minds telling us who we are not. Beneath both of these mental layers is the truth of who we are, unlimited and powerful. 

Asking Yourself the Difficult Question (Positively Positive)

It’s said the eyes are the window to the soul. We spend plenty of time looking into other people’s eyes. What do your eyes reveal about you?

Am I Truly Happy? Stare at Your Eyes in a Mirror (Elephant Journal)

Many of us, having miraculously escaped our pasts, continue to try to outrun them. As nice as it would be to erase our past, we sometimes forget they are how we got where we are. They forced us to grow, whether we liked it or not. Our childhood will only continue to haunt us if we don’t face it head on.

Tackling Your Childhood Demons Could Save Your Marriage (Yahoo Shine)


photo by: A6U571N