The Missing Link in Education

Education as a topic is of immense interest to me. I have seen what it has done for India i.e., created an educated populace that was primed for the opening of the capitalist pump in 1991, and positioned to harness economic opportunity to create immense economic growth and social value for India and Indians (e.g., great accumulation of wealth in American Indians, increased living standards, more jobs, hopefully an eventual reduction in poverty).

But as I go about my day to day life and interact with people both at work and socially, I can’t help but protest at the missing link in education worldwide: the lack of education on personal financial management and communication skills.

I feel the average individual I meet is relatively unequipped in both these skill sets which I believe have a disproportionate correlation with personal financial and professional success. Shouldn’t we be lobbying hard to get these courses included in both at the high school and college level?