Mallika Chopra: Mommy Days – Balancing Work & Kids (in a somewhat frenzied way!)

The Mindful Mom Series by Mallika Chopra

My day today… (You can skip the italic part with the details.  I admit its a bit self-indulgent!)

Part 1 of my Day

Wake up at 6am. Check my email while I walk the dog (Yoda). Help my girls get ready (blow drying their long hair in the morning not a good idea). Breakfast. Drop them to school.  Deep breath, as the morning kid craziness is done.

Until I get home and realize Leela, my1st grader forgot to take Ducky Momo – her homework companion – back to school.  I have a call and don’t have time to go drop it off– lesson for her in responsibility?

Part 2 of my Day

Emails, calls, meetings.  Drop off the dry cleaning, fill up gas. (How much do I love Blue Tooth so I can do my calls in the car!) Drop Yoda to the groomer for a bath.  My lunch goes ½ hour longer than I thought, so I don’t have time to pick him up before getting the girls from school. 

Shoot, I didn’t bring Leela’s tennis racket for her after school class so have to quickly go home.  Late picking the girls up from school, so we are 10 minutes late for the 45 minute class.

Part 3 of my Day 

Homework, figure out dinner.  My attention is half on emails, half on testing Tara on how many feet are in a mile.  OMG – I forgot to pick up Yoda!

Luckily my husband came home early so I leave the kids with him. I pick up the dog, pick up some food for dinner.  At dinner, we share stories from the day – my husband and I made a rule to try to stay off the phone and electronic devices when we have dinner.  This is one of my favorite times of the day.

Grocery store at 8pm.  I come home, clean up from dinner, get into bed with my computer.  Work begins again for another 2-3 hours. I have to deliver a list of my favorite apps to a magazine, write a blog, organize tomorrow as I am going to San Diego between drop off and pick up.  Hopefully, I will sleep at 10pm.


I am sure my day sounds very familiar to most moms reading this blog.  (In fact, some of you may note how lucky I am to have such a supportive husband.)  Working at home or working a full time job, many of the women I know today are striving for balance.  They are figuring out how to manage the kids, their marriage (or divorce), their friends, activities, the finances, the house, volunteering, working, figuring out how to get back to work after being home for a few years.

My problem is that I over commit.  I volunteer in school.  I take my kids to their after school classes – I like driving them, chatting with them in the car, watching them discover themselves.  I have my company, Intent ( and, and am launching a YouTube Channel – The Chopra Well – with my dad (Deepak Chopra) and brother (Gotham Chopra).  (Please subscribe here.)

These days, sometimes, I feel like a bad friend (not returning calls, missing birthday lunches) and a bad wife (thank god for my patient husband). My parents and brother complain I am always stressed and don’t have time to talk to them.  But they have no idea what I do all day, I justify to myself.

Sometimes I feel that balance may be too aspirational for me just now – maybe I just need some moments of balance in my day.  Like my few moments of savoring my tea.  Or meditating for 10 minutes.  Or going for a 20 minute run along the beach.

Yet, when I really think about it, I have to admit I am happy.  Frenzied, yes, but also lucky.  (Ok, very frenzied.)  But, I am most joyful when I am with my kids, and when I feel I am giving back to through my work. I’m ok with being a bit crazy at this stage in my life.  I’m making choices every day to lead the life I want, and for that I feel grateful.


  1. Your post resonated with me a lot, I'm a working mum here in Australia, juggling work, 3 gorgeous boys ages 3, 14 & 16, my husband, the house, study and me time. I am learning that it's ok not to be perfect at everything. I totally understand your comment "Sometimes I feel that balance may be too aspirational for me just now" as this is exactly how I feel too. The few minutes of quiet time in bed before I fall asleep, where I do a short meditation is how I come to terms with all I fit into my day. I guess we need to savour this time, as busy as we are, as one day we will look back longingly to the days when our children were young and needed us and will be grateful that we were able to do so. Enjoy your day!