Money and Enlightenment: Embrace Both The Worlds!

“Is enlightenment for ONLY rich people?” I have often been asked this question from seekers who are on the path of spirituality. Before we move ahead, let’s first clarify what is actually meant by enlightenment and money.

Enlightenment is simply a permanent state of mind where you completely shed your ego behind and live in a state of pure awareness. Enlightened minds see themselves beyond their name, social status, nationality and religion. They live their truth, which is pure consciousness. Enlightenment does not mean to renounce the world or responsibilities. It does, however, mean to joyfully attain the prosperity and circulate it globally for the upliftment of others.

Money is a means to your end. Money helps you to buy things which you need for your survival, enjoyment, and in some cases for luxurious living. Money doesn’t need to be looked upon as a negative thing. The ways to earn money can be done in a negative way but money in itself is one of the most powerful sources of helping yourself  as well as others. Earn it. Circulate it. Respect it. But don’t hanker for it blindly! And don’t make money your master!

Money and enlightenment have a lot in common. Both are looked upon as a tough nut to crack for those who are far away from both of these. People are chasing after money and enlightenment and taking help from countless experts to attain both of them!

Now coming to the question; “Is enlightenment for ONLY rich people?”

Although this may not seem like a popular answer, the answer in one word is ‘yes’. Enlightenment happens more often and even faster to financially well off people versus those who struggle financially. There’s a simple reason behind this. If I tell you to meditate every morning for 1 hour and every night for 2 hours, you may not be able to do so if you are struggling to pay off your monthly bills. I have often had people who can’t meditate because they have worries for the next job promotion or they are managing a business all by themselves. Meditation, for them, is far away from being a tool of enlightenment. People with enormous wealth also have sleepless nights fearing that they will have less money tomorrow morning. However, this fear is easier to cure than the fear of not having enough money to survive at the end of the month. Sadly, majority of our world suffers from the latter situation.

Now, this doesn’t mean that someone with no money or less money cannot become enlightened. Once in a while, a Kabeer happens to the humanity! Saint Kabeer was one of the wisest and greatest spiritual mystics that we have seen from the incredible India. He challenged the religious beliefs and dogmas that prevented people from thinking out of the box. His beautiful couplets can shake the soul and transcend our consciousness to a new plane. Souls like Krishna, Buddha and Osho have been seen living a life of immense prosperity. Krishna was a king, Buddha enjoyed his kingdom before renouncing it and Osho had more than 90 Rolls Royce automobiles gifted to him by his followers. Many other spiritual leaders have started their journey after living a lifestyle of immense wealth. This became possible because once you reach the peak of wealth, you will also understand that money, in no way, can give you happiness. Saint Kabeer was an exception because he has been known to live a life of no money and he was one the most rebellious thinkers in spirituality.

In today’s world, it will take an inner revolution to be a Kabeer. We have increased our desires to a huge extent and also have family responsibilities which make it tough to practice what Kabeer did! However, there’s another way which I suggest to everyone:

Pave the path of prosperity.

Embrace the different ways that  you can attain prosperity in both known and unknown ways. If you are satisfied from your financial side, then you can afford some time for your inner growth. But we can only do so if we refresh our attitudes toward money. Our understanding toward money needs to be rewritten so that we can live fearlessly without having to worry about recession, inflation and bills, allowing us to focus on our inner growth. Look at the money as a circulating phenomena. Lakshami, the Indian Goddess of wealth, is meditated upon everyday by millions of Indian people. It’s said that Lakshami likes to move and circulate her energy. If you keep her stuck at one place, you will forever block her path.

I would like to share a brief story that I heard from my Guru, which was instrumental in shaping my understanding of money.

Once upon a time, there was a businessman on the verge of dying. He saw Lakshami in his dream and she said that after he was dead, She would leave his house forever. She would grant him one wish before she left. The business man, called his two sons and asked for their suggestions. The older son suggested that  Lakshami could multiply the current wealth to 10 times so that they would have enough money forever. The younger son suggested to ask for enough wealth so that they can buy more businesses which can be further used to create more employment and charities. The business man having a far wise experience of the world decided to go with younger son’s suggestion. He asked Lakshami to grant the wish to buy more businesses and then She can leave. Lakshami smiled and said that now she doesn’t need to leave. She was leaving because she was afraid that after his death, she will be just conserved and not circulated for prosperity.

This has been the foundation of my life as an inner monk and business man. The story might be just a piece fiction, but the lesson is not!

Friends, beat the recession with your sacred tools to transform the world around you!

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