Mr/Dr Chopra is nobody special. Neither am I. Neither are you…

I noticed a post here and some comments related to that post decrying the lack of interaction between Intent community members and Mr/Dr Chopra. I’d like to add my point of view.

Mr/Dr. Chopra is nobody special. This is very important to understand. The fact that he charges so much for his retreats/workshops whatever is unfortunate for those who can’t afford them, but really, in many cases, the people who have the money to go to those things are likely the people most in need of them. His prices are also a natural economic response to demand. It’s basic economic and business theory that one way to control demand is to raise prices. That is likley why his events cost so much. As for his lack of interaction here, there is common wisdom among those familiar with famous people that at a certain point in one’s rise to fame, it is simply impossible to communicate with all the people who want to communicate with you. Imagine what your life would be like if you were that famous. It looks glamorous from the outside, but it is not a glamorous life in the least. Poor Mr Chopra probably can’t even take a poop without and aid for goodness sakes!

Finally, and this is most important: there is NOTHING Mr. Chopra knows that you do not know. Craving for Mr.Chopra’s attention is an attachment. It is an affliction and it is seeking your salvation outside of yourself. There is nothing outside of you! Everything you experience outside yourself is a reflection of what is in you. So when you pine for Mr. Chopra’s attention, what are you saying about your own attention and its value?

Don’t be a cultish follower. I’m sure Mr. Chopra does not condone people begging for his grace or his attention or a reply to an email as though he’s the pope or something. He’s just a human being (as is the pope). Seeing him as anything else is plain worship and there is no one anywhere deserving of that, not me, not you and certainly not Deepak Chopra.


  1. Hello Perry, it is Krissy, and you are referring to my blog "My Issues with Deepak Chopra", and then my follow up with the same title ๐Ÿ™‚

    I did not say I wanted him to respond or comment on MY blogs, but just any blogs and mostly his own blogs. I read his blogs and all the comments and questions he evokes from people, and they go unanswered. If one has time to write the blog, one maybe should find the time and be respectful to those reading and/or commenting an give a response once in a while. I would love for him to comment on the comments people write after reading his words. That is all I was saying. You know a little reciprocation and give and take.

    And I agree 100% about worshipping someone. I thought of Deepak as my wise teacher or Guru (it means teacher or spirtual guide in Sanskrit), and I had read his books, etc, and yet when a situation arose where he could have easily practiced what he preached, he didn't react anything like he wrote in his books. There was no walkin' his talkin' and it threw me off as I was a little shocked. Now I realize he is just a human being (and I also referenced this many times in many ways in my blog) and that it is not his fault I held him to certain expectations. He did not ask to be my teacher, or to be judged, or held to a higher standard and this was my bad. He is just a man. And I am going to say it still does ANNOY me that the common person gets eliminated when one finds the need to charge so much to spread peace, but that is also my own attachment and money issue, not his. And tisk tisk on your comment about the ones who can afford it are the ones who need it most…lol. Everyone needs wisdom about peace and unity old, young, rich, poor.

    This has all been my own expectation, and I own it. I have to admit, I was SO EXCITED when Deepak sent me a friend request on here at Intent. My naivete got the best of me as I now realize that is just a 'hook' or marketing ploy here at intent. DUH!! I was excited at the prospect of interacting with him, etc. I now just read his words and am grateful for the wisdom they impart without any attachment or expectation. He has helped me exponentially on my path via his books.

    I love your blog because you are absolutely correct in that no one is better than anyone and we just all ARE. Although I do still notice on intent if you don't have a DR in front of your name, or you aren't an author, or actor, or…someone Intent deems "important" you are merely a member blogger, and not actually an "Intent Voice". That sort of undermines this ideology doesn't it? Up until a week ago, if you weren't an "Intent Voice" your voice wasn't heard at all. Members blogs didn't show up on the 'latest posts' section, only the "Intent Voices" full of DR's, Authors, etc, etc, you get my point. We are not our titles, or our jobs and positions. Someone needs to let know this. I am just Krissy, here in all my imperfections, to learn and expand my consciousness on this beautiful journey. I love being able to get like-minded people's perspectives to assist me along the way. And also those "Intent Voices" seem like they are here to push products, books, and expansion of something all right…THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS…lol, which is fine, but it doesn't go unnoticed by us member bloggers.

    I appreciate you and your pespective!!


  2. As I mentioned elsewhere, I don't believe we create this scene for lofty ideas as much as to live our stories—Deepak is living his and I'm living mine as are you and you and you……and what an adventure it is, even the misery. Because we only perceive things to be as they are because this is how we've written the script. In an Alternate Universe, beauty could be ugly and kindness/compassion something to abhor. So whatever we do regardless of how we judge it to be, it is an illusion we've created freely [at this realm anyway] but it is as it was meant to be……..

  3. Krissy, the Solution is close at hand . . the Closest of the close . .

    Meet Deepak Chopra & everyOne in the Transcendant, where every question, doubt & form dissolves . . & where every answer & Fulfillment is automatically found . .

    & may you be Forever Well ! : )

  4. Hi Krissy, I like the idealism of Perry's blog, and the wise response of "clear light" suggesting that you meet Deepak in the Transcendant realm. I myself have a Dr. in front of my name, and I have also written a book but I get no more attention from the Intent staff than you do. I can't even get the author's link up on my profile and when I ask about it I get no response.

    There is truth in saying that Deepak is no one special or that we should all meet in the Transcendent realm. Yes Krissy you and I have exchanged Divine love and light in that realm without having met in this one, so we both know from our experience that a real thing is being described. Nonetheless no one on the street knows your name or mine as we are not famous. No one pays to even buy my book in this realm let alone pay me to speak.

    The characteristics of material success in the physical plane is something that is part and parcel of the realities of a capitalist economic system of publishing that is a BUSINESS. This site is indeed part of an economic system of marketing Deepak Chopra and provides employment for his family and their friends. Is that a bad thing , by no means. Deepak is indeed a very spiritual voice, much better than most. There is a false intimacy on the internet on sites like these. On the other hand it is a place where people such as you and I can meet and share ideas and indeed connect on the astral plane. All things considered, … not too bad a thing actually.

    May the Goddess bless you and your sons with an abundance of love and light.



  5. Hi Stuart,

    Clear light is sooooo wise that I have to stop and really focus when I read the comments…lol.

    As for everything being BUSINESS, I get that, and AGAIN, I was being naive thinking that we were here to spread peace, grow, learn, and expand the consciousness of the planet, and that was the entire intention, yet silly little me being an idealist thinking we were all just here to spread our intentions for ourselves, others, and share beauty but that is the small part, and the HOOK to this website. is business as usual, and I don't begrudge people making money, just state that is your intention. Others, and especially those "Intent Voices" (not all but many) are here to expand their BANK ACCOUNTS as well. It shouldn't annoy me, but it does. I am learning to ALLOW, but am just not there yet (YA THINK?) I honestly thought we were all here doing something different than what is really going on and I guess it upset me once I figured out that it is just business as usual and all about capitalism and money, and I had to vent. EVERYTHING is about the almighty dollar, even SPIRITUALITY. Exploiting good intentions like that is just BS!!

    I am just a person who is who she says she is. I keep it real and am a straight shooter. If I am out to make a buck, I disclose it. I told this story somewhere else, but I am going to say it again. I worked with this man named John. He point blank told me "I will steal every client you have if you turn your back", and guess what?! I LOVED him, and loved working with him. He told me what he was about and who he was and I respected him for it. That is all I am asking. Don't hide the real intention beneath something else. Say who you are and be proud of it. Stand proud. If you are out to make money, COOL. Don't come on Intent, ask to be my friend and have ZERO intention (Deepak Chopra and others) of actually interacting with me as one would expect a friend to do. What is the point? I guess the intent is to expose yourself to as many people as you can so you can sell as many goods as you can, so you can make as much money as you can. If that is who you are and what you are doing, then JUST TELL ME. "Hey Krissy, I am sending you this friend request so I can expose as many people to my products as possible" and that way I can make an educated choice on whether I would like to establish a relationship with them, business or otherwise. BE UPFRONT. Keep it real. Keep it honest as I will be honest with you. ALWAYS.

    I get peeved when people exploit animals for financial gain and exploit spiritual journeys for financial gain. It is ridiculous.

    And Perry, I am honored to be your friend ๐Ÿ™‚



  6. uHG,

    Well if the Chopra's are wanting to make money of this site, I think they can do better. I'm having a challenge posting items, editing items and replying ot all my (14 or so) friends here because of the bugs in the software. Are others having the same issues or is it just me?


    Very nice to meet you. You have a humble voice that makes me smile.


    As always, your authenticity shines through.

    Clear Light: thanks for sharing….