My Birthday – Setting Intents for 44!


Tomorrow, July 24, is my birthday. I will officially, technically, be in my mid-40s.

At 43, I completed and released my 3rd book, Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy. In the process I made some significant steps to bring more balance and joy into my life – all of which can be read in my book! And if you want to give me a birthday present go ahead and buy it for yourself or a friend – Ha Ha! 🙂

Many people ask me if I am in a better place after writing the book. I can categorically say yes! I am happy and healthy and feeling fulfilled – a good place to be. I made some major changes in my lifestyle that, while still inconsistent at times, have become part of my daily habits. Meditation has been more regular. Exercise and sugar, well, lets say the journey remains messy.

This morning, my last day of being 43, I had to go to the DMV to renew my license. In my sleep last night, I remembered that I had got a notice two months ago that I had to go before July 24th when it expired, and take an eye test, give my fingerprints, and take a new photo.  I had an hour waiting with nothing to do so started scribbling notes for my intents this year.

Here they are:

My intent is to nurture and treat my body with respect.

  • Today, I am on Day 13 of no refined sugar or gluten type carbs. I admit, almost sadly actually, that I feel great. (Yes, it does surprise me that a daily cookie or cupcake is not good for me.)
  • I am committed to this shift in my diet, but will not feel guilty if I cheat or waver. Rather I will anchor myself in this energetic and healthy feeling.
  • I also met with a new trainer today and am starting a new exercise regime. It has been a while since I focused on my body, and this year I am committed to a regular physical program.

My intent is to make joy a priority – with my kids, husband, family, friends.

  • The biggest lesson I took away from my book was the importance of embracing the joy and laughter and magic of life.
    In the moment. When it is happening.
  • I shared my story of meeting Eckhart Tolle in a number of my talks this past few months, and the reminder of “listening to the bells” is one that impacted me the most from all my conversations.

My intent is to embrace uncertainty and honor incubating the next phase.

  • Coming off the book release, which required so much planning and being “on” during talks, I now find myself back in my INCUBATION phase thinking about what’s next. I have seeds of ideas, and one that may occupy my 45th year.
  • While in Washington D.C. with my father, I noted something he said: “Leave room for ambiguity so that there is room for creativity.”
  • Infinite possibilities ahead.

My intent is to reflect and honor the silence that nurtures my soul.

  • Meditate regularly.
  • Ask myself questions daily.  Who am I? What do I want? How can I serve?
  • Read.
  • Talk things through with friends and loved ones.

My intent is to keep igniting the things I have created with the passion I feel for them.

  • Continue to share my book, Living With Intent, because, well, I am proud of it.
  • Keep building and our new app! I truly see that people love engaging on this platform and I love the world sharing and celebrating Intents!
  • Write more often.
  • Refine my public speaking. I am filling up my calendar with speaking gigs. Great exercise for me to refine my message and share. Thank you to all of you who are patient to listen to me!Living With Intent cover             IMG_0076

My intent is to savor the moments with loved ones

  • Recently many friends or loved ones have faced illness or tremendous loss. With age, we know more people who are dying and our own mortality becomes more real. Through all the loss and struggle of the last few years, I have learned that we should cherish the important relationships in our life.
  • For me this has meant:
    Be clear who is important to you.
    Resolve your issues.

My intent is to feel good about myself, physically, as well as emotionally.

  • I arrived at the DMV for my photo, post workout, sweaty, my roots grey, no hair brush nor make up. I swear the man taking my photo looked apologetic as he asked me to smile. Why do I not plan these things better!? 
  • While on book tour, I was more attentive to my clothes, my hair, and how I presented myself every day.
  • So, I talked to my husband and kids about their present to me being treating myself to some good clothes, a massage, fitness classes, make up (I haven’t bought make up in 10 years, I think.)
  • Some pampering could do us all a bit of good. ☺

Thanks in advance for all the birthday wishes – I find Facebook messages make me feel so popular on my birthday!

I’d love to start a trend on our new Intent app for people to share their birthday intents. I’ve posted all of mine (links above) and will be updating and reaffirming this year.



P.S. Right before posting this my friend, Rahul, called me to do an intervention on the fitness thing. (I was texting him from the DMV, and telling him about the new trainer.) He wants to resolve this exercise thing – he’s sick of my complaining. Such a guy approach. Doesn’t he know half the fun is in the drama?!  I love my friends, and love all the help and support that comes when you most need, and ask for it!