Negative Energy in Public Spaces

Negative energy can occur anywhere, including buildings, places in nature and in cities. When you are in an area where violence has occurred—physical, mental or verbal—there will be negative energy. There are also negative earth energies. Technology, such as electrical power stations, emits negative energy. 

Virtually all of us are aware of negative energy, at least subliminally. You might have experienced the feeling of entering a place and suddenly feeling desperate to leave—for no apparent reason. Or, you may be walking in a section of a city and suddenly sense your adrenaline pumping and experience fear—yet nothing out of the ordinary is happening. You are picking up the negative energy in an area. 

You may pick up on the negative energy from technology. I find it painful to shop in an electronic store, for example. The energy and all the positive ions in the air from the electricity emitted from the appliances makes me nauseous, tired and light-headed. (Note: negative ions are positive energy. Negative ions are odorless, tasteless and invisible molecules that make us feel good. They are found atop mountains, in forests, surrounding waterfalls and beaches. Negative ions produce biochemical reactions in our bodies that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, which helps to ease depression, alleviate stress and enhance our daytime energy.) 

What is happening is a swift change in emotions as you enter a negative area. If you are feeling happy and serene, for example, and enter a space with negative energy, your sudden experience of anxiety, fear or anger is a direct result of the surrounding negative energy. 

Sometimes negative energy just happens—like in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam. You are in your happy mode, when suddenly the freeway is at a standstill. People are honking and cursing—and you find yourself abruptly feeling angry and aggressive. You have picked up on the collective consciousness. 

Negative energy in buildings can show itself physically with mold and dampness. If particular areas are affected with negative energy, these areas can feel colder than the rest of the space for no apparent reason. You may get goosebumps or shiver—even though the place is warm. Sometimes the space feels heavy on your person. If the energy is dark enough, the hairs on your neck or arms may stand on end. 

When you feel the effects of negative energy in public, try to simply experience the emotions you suffer and allow them to pass. In other words, if you are in a public space feeling fine and suddenly your mood changes and you feel depressed, chances are pretty good that you are simply picking up the low energy around you. Note it—the experience of depression—and let it go. If you cannot shake the negative feelings, encompass them with love and compassion and they will eventually disappear, because the negative charge will lose its strength against the stronger, positive emotions. Think: are you going to observe anger (depression, fear) or let it rule you? 

Another option is to visualize golden light—filled with love and compassion—to be surrounding and protecting you. This exercise can be beneficial anytime you need to feel better.

Excerpt from Harmonious Environment, copyright 2007.



  1. Hi Norma,

    It sounds like some folks are more sensitve to these energies than me.

    I recall visiting Detroit in the early 90's. It was hours before my flight home, and the meetings were all done, and it was a nice day, so with gas in the rental, I took a drive. All over Detroit, buildings were boarded up. Abandon buildings everywhere. I was stunned to see a city in such a state, being from a small suburb of Pittsburgh. But it was a really nice day for early October, so I found a place to park near the Detroit river. There were a few locals fishing, and it was very peaceful, in the middle of the city. I took my shirt off and lay back on the concrete, soaking in the sun's rays. It never occurred to me where I was, and I certainly never felt any negative energy.

    When I lived in Philadelphia, I experimented with several routes to get to work. Some used the freeway, some the side streets. The one I found most consistantly got me to work in the shortest time happened to use Lex Street. I had driven on the street hundreds of times after settling on it being the quickest. Funny how I never noticed the street names, only that I followed my sense of direction. It was only later, when someone at worked asked me how to get someplace and I began to explain my route. She said "You don't mean 'Lex Street', do you?" I told her I really ddin't know, but I'd check next time. The reason for her asking, was that the area was known for crack houses, and Lex Street was home to the 'Lex Street Massacre'. Sure enough, it was Lex Street that I had been driving on all this time, and apparently while the shootings had taken place! (Not while I was driving, but in the wee hours of the morning) I continued to drive that road and wind my way through that neighborhood. It never bothered me, nor did I ever feel threatened, nor was I ever approached.

    So I must be blind to these energies.

  2. Great article. This is why I believe that I have enjoyed my 3 month camping vacation, as it has been healing, which will end this Saturday. I have not really heard a description of energy put in quiet this way, so I really enjoyed this writing, as well as learned something more about energy. I can easily pick up on negative energy (positive too), as we all can to some degree and there was a lot of it going around in my last place of employment to where it was dehibilitating. I am just now beginning to understand how energy works, even tho the hard way, as I learn to master it as best as one can. However, one can release and heal only so much before an overload occurs and if it's too much for the body/mind/soul, leaving the area or persons is the next best move. The good news is that I am now better aware of this energy and will use this understanding in selecting my next employer, as I did in my recent room rental selection, which is in a peaceful environment that has good energy ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  3. Some of us are less bothered by negative energies than others. For instance, someone who has attained mastery in meditation or yoga would be naturally able to block out most negative energies, as their energy frequency would be very high and love is stronger than hate or other negative energies.

    Phillip, do you feel good energy? When you are in the mountains or the sea, negative ions, or "feel good" energy abounds. Most people don't realize that they are soaking up these good energies in natural environments–they just feel great when in those spaces.

  4. Hi Norma,

    I see your point. Generally, I do feel better when spending time in the woods or near a body of water. I haven't sought this out recently because of the cold weather, but I still get outside and don't seem to mind the single-digit temps. Mostly however, I'm going from the house to the car, from the car to the store, etc. and I'm really not out in it. Maybe bundling up and going for a stroll is in order. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have been thinking about this since your post, and what comes to mind is that I don't feel people's energy, or their aura, or anything like that. Is it possible that some people have a sort of 'shield' around them? I'm thinking of myself in that description. I also have this odd habit of being able to sneak up on people, even though I'm not trying to do so. It's as though I walk into a room completely unnoticed, then suddenly, to the other person, I just pop up out of nowhere, startling them.

    What are your thoughts on that? Can some people be 'closed off' like that? I just don't get a sense of energy from much of anything, although a smile will come to my face at any time, at anything. Do you have any recommendations for tapping into, or homing in on these energy sources?

    Thanks for your response, and any suggestions.


  5. Hi Phillip,

    Generally, people vary in how sensitive they are to their surroundings. Even animals detect energy, however. Read my recent post: Energy or Chi Affects Even Dogs.

    As I mentioned, when people master meditation or yoga, they naturally develop a shield against negative energies. Likewise, you can consciously put a bubble of protected energy around yourself by visualizing that.

    If you generally feel good, you may naturally have protection against negative energy. And you do say that being outdoors makes you feel good. I love to hike year round and it always makes me feel good.

    To hone in…go spend some time in an electronics store. Note how you feel before, while there and after. A day or so later, take a hike outside and note same things.

    Also, next time your home is dirty and/or cluttered, note difference in how you feel before and after it's cleaned.

    Let me know!

  6. Hi Norma,

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I've always had a connection to animals. My ex-wife had a cat that she insisted was 'eveil', but seemed to take a liking to me from the very start. Odd.

    I guess I was just concerned that these energies seem so apparent to some, and to me they were invisible. Perhaps they always are there, I just never focused my attention on them. Of course, what I will try to do is focus on the positive energies and let the negative ones bounce off, like they may have been doing all along. (I hear a voice in the background saying, "How does he DO that?!?)

    Thanks again.

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