‘Newborn’ Photo Shoot with Adopted 13-year-old Boy Goes Viral


We are never too old to want (and deserve) love, security and parents.

It may have taken 13 years, but Latrell Higgins finally has the photos to reflect that.

It began as a joke. Thirteen-year-old Latrell Higgins was sitting with his family and expressed sadness at the fact he didn’t have a set of newborn photos like the ones his adoptive mother Kelli captured for other clients. So his sister Alycia, age 12, suggested a photo shoot.

Kelli and Latrell decided it was a hilarious and completely feasible idea.

Kelli set up a typical newborn photo shoot – complete with baby beanie and swaddling blanket – for her son Latrell, just like she would any other client. The only difference? Latrell is 112-pound, slightly larger than most newborns she photographs.

The finished product is both hysterical and touching, and even includes the hazy finish often used in newborn photo shoots.  Kelli says it started out as a funny project, but she’s been surprised at the how much the pictures stirred up.

“It stirred up a lot of emotion about adopting older children,” she told the Huffington Post. “And [the announcement] allowed people to see that these older children really are big babies who crave the love of parents and the security of a forever home.”