Newtown Connecticut Shooting Tragedy: Can one ever make sense of the senseless?

There is nothing I can imagine worse than losing your child.

When my mom texted me this morning about the Newtown, Connecticut shooting, I was dropping my kids to school.

There were no details yet – no details that 20 children and six adults head been killed.

No details about what actually happened or why.

No details that 3 weapons were found at the scene, or how the suspect got them.

All I could think of as I told my kids “I love you” as they went into school was what would it be like to never see your kids again. Is there any way to make sense of the senseless?

I spent the morning avoiding coming home. The text messages continued from my mom, cousins, friends. Texts about feeling heartbroken, helpless, angry. I realized I cannot avoid the news, and put on NPR. A teacher from the school was sharing her story. I stopped the car and cried while I listened to her.

Oh, my heart goes out to those who lost their kids. To the Principal of the School, the psychologist the teachers and others who lost their lives.

And, I ask all of you – this is a national tragedy. We will all mourn.

Those of us who believe in stricter gun control will be angered that this guy had at least 3 guns that killed so many innocent children and people.

But, what do we need to do to change these senseless, absolutely senseless, tragedies?