No, This is Not Bizarro World: Do Good For The Planet And Get Free Stuff Via ActBolder.Com

Dude, I am so doing this.

Originally spotted on the GOOD website, is a new website with a very simple premise: do an action that does good for the planet, and get free stuff.

An example of this? If in the next two days you wash your clothes in the cold / cold cycle and log into the community to share that you did it, you win a 20 percent discount off your next purchase from Seventh Generation.

Past challenges to the community have included: eat organic, say no to disposable grocery bags, get sweaty, discover your local CSA. Prizes for doing such actions have included discounts to yoga classes, a whole pound of apples from Whole Foods, free pass to an Equinox gym, and more.

Pretty sweet deals for just doing a little good in this world. is certainly placing a lot of trust in its community of do-gooders, as the reported actions of the community are on an honor-system of trust that these challenges were actually completed. Nonetheless, it’s a win-win situation for both businesses and consumers. Businesses get free advertising and new customers in a niche customers of conscious consumers, said cosumers get a cool freebie for making that extra effort to do something good.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the next challenge that benefits your community and the planet, and get some free stuff. And tell your family and friends to do it, too. Heck, make a game of it among your buddies.

I am hoping that enough of us do this, maybe this business paradigm will take off and encourage a high-end version of the ActBolder model where the millionaires, A-list celebrities, and politicians of the world are lured to do good via freebies that cater to the rich folk.

Buy 1 get 1 free vintage Versace dress for tweeting about a charity event? Free yacht repairs for following through at least 50 percent of your campaign promises? Bring it on.