Mallika Chopra: No on Prop 8; Yes on Prop 2

November 4th is upon us — how are you going to vote? We at Intent have been closely following the run-up to the elections: watching the presidential and vice presidential debates, and learning about the candidates’policies and platforms. We have also been paying attention to certainCalifornia propositions — most notably Proposition 8 and Proposition 2.

I am going to vote NO on Prop 8 — and


  1. I am voting for McCain, and voting myself OFF of this website. I just saw the blog about how Intent delivered pizza to Obama headquarters. I am really disappointed. I had no idea when I joined just how partisan this site is. I was hopeful that here would be a place where we could be calm, supportive, moderate, healthful, and non-partisan. Wow. I guess not. Sadly, I am leaving Intent. I do NOT support Obama. I support my own intent to vote for MCCAIN/PALIN!!

  2. I am sorry that you feel that way. If I had the money I would buy pizza for mccains people. No matter who you support , we all have to eat. I am voteing for obama due to the children that I watch everyday due to their parents can't spend time with them due to they work long hours at their stores or they are working 2 or more jobs to put food in their families tummies. I talk to these kids and feel their pain over them missing their parents. I beleive that no matter who wins , we have to change our fundemental values for our kids future, cause they are hurting now. And I live in NJ , my vote doesnt realy count, all I can do is speak out for the ones who can't.

  3. I voted last week for Obama!!! I feel compassion for Darcy……It's just that the last 8 years have been so awful for those of us who believe in peace, harmony, love, and laughter….. We can do better and WILL with President Obama! The entire planet will heave a huge sigh of relief. And then we accelerate an awakening of awareness….

  4. Hi everyone. Thanks for your comments. As Regina says, everyone has to eat. 🙂

    We're sorry to have upset Darcy- who is a McCain supporter, which we fully respect. Her comment comes up as Anonymous because she emailed us and requested to be taken off of the site. We wish her well.


    Community Manager Dave

  5. I was so happy that a brother might get in the White House that I voted for Obama before I realized I should have voted for Gloria La Riva.

    Let's hope Obama gets in there and goes rogue on the dems and repubs and Goldman Saxons!


  6. Re: people voting for McCain/Palin:

    Some people that I love are voting "the other ticket." I will love them no less for doing so, regardless of the outcome of the election.

    One of the things that makes America great is the right and privilege to disagree, and to act on that disagreement by voting. I am living right now in a country that doesn't give its citizens that right, and I see the differences–large and small–that it makes in their lives.

    The young lady who withdrew from Intent also voted by withdrawing. I support her right to do that. Yes, the Intent community is as a whole pro-Obama, pro-change (myself included). It would be hard to surf around here for long and see one's viewpoint criticized so consistently.

    So, Darcy, bless you for the courage to do what you did. And maybe the rest of us can learn that, while being passionate for our vision of the future, we can also be loving and sensitive to the visions of others. Our being "right" doesn't make them "wrong"!

  7. James

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comment.

    In our personal passion in our point of view, we – as Intent the company – are not necessarily as welcoming as we should be to another point of view. This is something I personally have learved.

    We have had many discussions within our team and with some of our Intent Voices on our editorial voice, which in the political sphere is obviously pro Obama. I want to make clear that we never screen a voice first – it is just the voices that are attracted here generally lean towards Obama and like to write about it!

    I too respect Darcy's decision to leave Intent, and would like to reach out to others who have been alienated by our strong political positioning. I would love to read your blogs about differing points of view. Commenters on Intentblog have not been shy in the past about stating their objections, and I hope for healthy dialogue here as well.

    As we get over the election, I do think Intent will not be so overwhelmingly political. Our goal was to focus on personal, social and global wellness.

    This election has just fired a lot of us up!