How One Man Saves Hundreds From Suicide

urlSan Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is renowned not only for its phenomenal stature and beauty, but as the top suicide location in the world.

In the 26 years Sergeant Kevin Briggs has been with the California Highway Patrol, he’s saved hundreds of people from jumping off the bridge by literally meeting them where they are and providing a listening ear at a desperate time.

He doesn’t keep track of how many lives he’s saved, but the Highway Patrol estimate their success rate is as high as 80 to 90 percent.

What he does keep track of is how many he’s lost.

One. He remembers it with painful clarity.

There are often many signs that lead up to a suicide attempt. Learn the signs here.

When people have lost all hope and their vision of the world has narrowed to the seeming last option of suicide, Sergeant Kevin Briggs finds success in reminding them of what’s worth living for and staying positive.

He courageously speaks the words many people need to hear to give life another chance:

“Stand up. You’re a man. You’re good.”

Listen to his heart-breaking and heart-lifting stories of life and loss below.