Opening Your Heart Chakra: 5 Links on Love

Love is powerful. It can melt resistance, heal on a deep level, connect strangers, and reignite lives.

Depending on our life experiences, we might build walls around our hearts or wear them on our sleeve. We find love, we lose it, but we keep on searching. Often we give other people the key to our hearts but have never unlocked them ourselves.

Here’s five powerful articles to open Anahata, the heart chakra, and let the love start pouring in and out.

Generosity does not always come in the form of money or gifts. Here’s 9 ways to give without needing to receive.

On Generosity: Things to Give Away That Aren’t Smiles (Huffington Post)

A balanced and open heart chakra makes it easy to accept others, life, and yourself. Here’s 8 easy ways to create balance.

8 Ways to Open Your Heart Chakra (MindBodyGreen)

Unconditional love and acceptance are key to tapping into the boundless energy of the heart.

Healing Our Heart (Elephant Journal)

We all want love, but what kind of love? Deepak Chopra explains the 7 stages of love.

The 7 Spiritual Laws of Love (Care2)

Learn how your yoga practice can help you heal a broken heart. From mantras to heart-opening postures, the list seems endless.

Can Yoga Heal Broken Hearts? (Yahoo Shine)