Our Favorite Fall Coffee Drink Recipes!

One of the nice things about temperatures finally coming down and scarves coming out is that we can finally drink ALL THE COFFEE WE WANT WITHOUT SWEATING IN OUR LIVING ROOM. Not that it ever stopped us before. Trolling Pinterest, we found some amazing recipes you might want to try in your own home this fall:

For the Fancy Coffee Drinkers:
Caramel Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Whole & Heavenly Oven

pumpkin spice


This involves actual pumpkin puree, maple syrup, and all the things that you would want to eat on a cheat day anyway. Even if you can’t make it look as beautiful ¬†as the photo, it will still taste like fall perfection!

For the Egg Nog Fans:
Skinny Eggnog Latte from Peanut Butter & Peppers



This healthy version of the Eggnog Latte is a fraction of the calories you’d get from a Starbucks drink and that’s saying a lot because eggnog is not short on calories by itself.

For the Person on the Go:
Creamy Blended Frozen Mocha Coffee Drink from Happiness is Homemade



Four ingredients and you’re out the door with this frozen coffee drink made from ingredients most coffee drinkers already have in their house. Also, coffee ice cubes? Why haven’t we been making these all along.

For the Coffee Pro:
Bulletproof Coffee from Bravo for Paleo


Butter in your coffee? This recipe requires a little more equipment than your standard coffee pot but we’re interested to see what adding some healthy fats to our morning ritual might do for getting us out of bed in the morning a little faster!

For the Coffee Novice:
Easy Peppermint Mocha from DelightfulEMade



If you’re not a huge fan of strong coffee but need a little pick me up that definitely feels like the holidays, this mocha is full of everything that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

For the Person Who Can Stand The Heat:
Spicy Hot Chocolate Mocha from Diethood



This delicious drink is basically an amazing hot chocolate plus coffee and cayenne pepper. Tons of traditional flavor plus a little heat sounds wonderful if you ask us!

So what are your favorite coffee drink? We want to hear!