Out-Of-Body Experiences, Astral Travel And Our Soul






Mary from New Hampshire writes:

"I awoke this morning not knowing if what had happened to me last night was a dream, an out-of-body experience or some sort of astral travel. I am shaken but not in a bad, unnerving sort of way. I’m trying to sort out the truth and need your help! I know I dozed off and fell asleep to an old movie I was watching from my bed last night. I know I fell asleep. Then I’m not sure what time it was, but it was still night time and the television was still on. This time, however, I noticed my room from a completely different place! I had my eyes open at one point and felt my whole self rise toward the ceiling fan! Before reaching the ceiling fan the view now changed instantly and I was looking down at myself and my bedroom. I noticed I was fast asleep and as I looked around I saw another program on television. I stared at myself and then in another blink of an eye I was descending back toward myself. I don’t remember anything else until I awoke. I awoke remembering this incident and sat straight up in my bed in disbelief. The television was not on anymore! Can you help me explain what really happened here? Was I dreaming? This has never happened to me and I would really like to know! Thank you!"

Carol from Florida writes:

…"I have begun reading books on astral travel and remote viewing since we last spoke. I began to experiment and explore the possibility that I may be able to do this! You know how skeptical I am! But, my curiosity is much too strong to let this one go. So, a few days ago, I began to meditate and put myself in a relaxed state and prepare myself to do some remote viewing. I began to put into my mind’s eye my sister’s face and worked from there. More information came through and I saw her gardening in the back of her house. She was planting roses and working away. After some time, I shifted my focus and began my own guided visualization technique. It’s a technique I’ve been using for a week now, and it’s been incredible! Lilian, the money is coming in!. Anyway, after my time in meditation, I went and recorded my insights and called my sister immediately afterward. There was no answer, so, I left her a message to call me. She did call that night and did reveal she had been in the garden and planting roses! Now, I have to add, my sister is not a gardener. She has people gardening for her. But this day she said she got the ‘gardening bug’ for some reason and she learned all about how to plant and grow roses – because that is her favorite flower! I couldn’t believe it! I thought to share this with you because I still don’t know if it all was a coincidence or not?"…

John from California writes:

…"Where does the soul reside? There are books which allude to the Soul being outside ourselves and then still other books mention our essence, our Soul, as being within us?"

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