Economic Crisis: This Is Your Time to Be a Yogi

My first yoga teacher was fond of saying something to the following effect, "Anyone can meditate in a quiet room with scented candles; the question is whether you can meditate in the midst of chaos, when it all really hits the fan."

Presumably, we can count the current economic crisis as an example of the aforementioned you-know-what hitting the fan. People losing their homes, banks collapsing, the stock market crumbling, the value of the U.S. dollar vanishing before our eyes, stable jobs transforming into the contents of a cubicle or corner office emptied into a cardboard box overnight- suffice to say it’s getting a little wacky out there. It’s enough to make any guy or gal anxious. Compound all this economic ageda with the idea-nay, the fact- that we are still at war, and it’s downright panic-inducing.

However, you simply cannot put panic in the driver’s seat. What good is any spiritual practice- be it yoga or meditation or playoff baseball- if it doesn’t provide a source of steadiness during times of uncertainty? I don’t know about you, but my spirit is relatively low-maintenance while traipsing through life on a gloriously sunny day, after having just finished a dish of gelato and crouching down to pet a puppy.

I agree. Panicking is justified- natural, even. But, it’s not the only way, and frankly, it’s not the most effective way. This is not to say that you should bury your head in the sand and convince yourself that everything groovy. That’s disingenuous and, if left unchecked, dangerous.

The best approach to chaos is to see it clearly. Take it all in. Assess the situation for yourself and your family. By all means, inform yourself, but don’t let the economic climate taint your entire world-view. Countless people before us have weathered worse. You, in your lifetime, have probably weathered worse. Being a force of positivity and light in the world doesn’t mean that you ignore difficult situations. Rather, take them and transform them into moments of opportunity. Delve deeper into your spiritual practice, encourage the people around you who feel defeated, get more savvy with your own goals and intentions, be creative with the resources you already have, teach the next generation how to be resilient and resolution-focused.

An Hopi elder once said,"We are the ones we’ve been waiting for," which, to me, is the ultimate statement of power, positivity, and, yes, pragmatism.

Blog action day

I have been thinking about poverty for most of the day. Thanks to Blog action day, maybe a lot of people have done the same. For me poverty is the result of the ego’s inability to understand that we all are connected. We look out for ourselves first without realizing that looking out for others is the same thing as looking out for ourself. If everyone understood this, perhaps we would pay more attention to those suffering around the world.

The world really doesn’t have a supply problem, it has a distribution problem. And i am not even talking about how much wealth the richest people have, I am talking more about how we spend our money. The amount of money spent on war and perpetration for war has been well documented on this blog. But friends that is only the beginning. we still subsidize the oil companies! We are paying 25 billion dollars to the auto industry to help them develop fuel efficient cars so they can compete with overseas companies that actually had the foresight to develop those cars on their own. Corporate well fair is rampant and must stop. Hopefully the times are changing and people will begin to pay attention to how our money is spent. Perhaps they will realize that investing some of that money in the poor abroad and at home is truly investing in ourselves.



I was mediating one Sunday morning when suddenly I felt all my forehead painted with a bright green color like the leaves from trees in early spring, then right in the middle of my forehead an intense red rose appeared, right away I was the sphinx well my head was, when I felt VERY STRANGE NOISE. It was the great pyramid approaching in a very funny way like a person balancing, first on his right foot, then on his left foot with wide strides in a slow motion action advancing towards me, it was heavily walking and when it was right on top of me it made a "PLOP" sound. I knew it was a harmonious adjustment. Then I (the sphinx) was in The King’s chamber. I stay there in amazement and wonder I felt that I had just discovered an ancient time travel machine, a few shocking moments were spent there feeling the luckiest person on this planet, then unexpectedly there was a backwards action ending with the feeling a green forehead with a perfect red circle on it. I

We can’t end poverty or can we

This morning I was helping my daughter Lily with her history lesson about the first civilization Sumer, which is where Iraq is today. This was over 5000 years ago and it sounded like exciting times. The Sumerians learned how to control the flood waters and created a surplus of food. This allowed them to go from a hunting and gathering culture to a civilization that was able divide up many different labor tasks. New technologies were popping up everyday with things like the invention of the wheel, and using stones and metals in all sorts of new ways. It seemed like people were able to find their purpose or what they were good at and make a career out of it. I was enjoying this 5000 year story until the end when the book mentioned that with all this surplus of goods only a few got to enjoy the wealth while most of the people lived in poverty and slavery. The kings, priest, scribes all had wealth while everyone else suffered.

I realized that poverty has been around since the first cities were created. What makes me think that I can make a difference? As I thought about how poverty has been the majority of human life for