Message from the Holy Spirit

How beautiful the face of those whom the Lord, the Christ, smiles upon! He would walk and talk with thee, my children, if ye will but put away from thy mind those things and conditions that ye feel are in the way. For, they are as naught compared to the great love that He has bestowed upon His brethren.

How beautiful the face, how lovely the clouds! In His presence abide; ye, every one of you are before Him just now. His face is turned toward thee, His heart and hand is offered you. Will ye not accept Him just now? How glorious the knowledge of His presence should awaken in the hearts of you, for He is lonely without thee; for he has called each of you by name, Will ye fail Him now?

Let His love, as He gave, be the impelling influence in thine associations one with another; yea, though ye crucify Him in thine activities and words one to another, He was crucified that ye might know Him the better. For thus He became the Lord, the Brother, thy Savior, thy Intermediator with God, the Father.

Count it joy, then, as He, that ye are called by Him in a service

Why are Yogis in minority?

Even though Yoga is very good for individual development, my personal experience is that, it is impossible to find a friend or relative devoted to Yoga.

I have hundreds of relatives and friends but nobody is interested in Yoga.

I feel people interested in Yoga like me are not even minority, but almost non-existent.

Here Yoga includes Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharan, Dhyana, Samadhi.

How do I fulfil my urge to enjoy Yoga?

1. By being in the state of Yoga as much time as possible

2. Follow

3. Through my blog

4. Go outdoors and do Yoga in group. ( People who attend group Yoga are not those who enjoy yoga, but are those, who suffer from some disease and attend to Yoga to cure themselves)

Lord, how do I find Live people face to face who enjoy Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation.


Supplement knowhow

What I see these days is a gross overprescribing of supplements and herbs. Patients are coming in with garbage bags of things all prescribed and taken from fear or income based practitioners. Please look at the things that you are putting into your body, may they reflect wholeness, love, and be gentle. May they help you get to health not by masking a symptom (yes herbs and supplements can do this) Being in healthcare I must attend seminars to earn continuing education credits, quite often these are supplement companies that sell products for a living. There is nothing wrong with selling someone something they need that will help them. Be a conscious consumer. Intend wellness into yourself, eat with good thoughts and eat unprocessed foods. Meditate, do yoga, love yourself. Know wellness.

Digestive Disorders

As my 1st blogging experience in life I wanted to share a tidbit of clinical experience. Digestion is how we separate the good from the bad. During this difficult time we are in right now, I have seen more people with digestive problems that for the most part can be completely dealt with emotionally. I am seeing more binge eating and definitely more bowel issues, I could go on for days with what I find in people now. When
someone is going through something difficult we see all variations of digestive
disorders. For instance look at constipation which commonly has an emotional component. Some people are letting go as fast as they can, some hold on for
dear life and some fluctuate between the 2. In most Dis-ease processes I have seen an emotional component. We cannot separate mind, body and spirit in healthcare.

Would Buddha campaign for Obama?

The following is a rant, so please forgive the lack of structure and direction. It flows from my mind, to my fingers, to your eyes, to your mind. How connected we are at this moment, and all moments!

With such an important election around the corner, I feel it is important to take a step back and detach ourselves from the intense emotions that we all undoubtedly have about the candidates. Buddhism teaches us to, ultimately, see phenomena as they truly are. In Tibetan Buddhism as I understand it (and in no way can I claim to be an expert), truly legitimate sources of knowledge are either directly perceived by the senses, or correctly inferred – that is, through seeing smoke we may infer the presence of fire. I think perhaps that religious texts, the words of our teachers, and the teachings of Buddha may also be considered legitimate sources of knowledge, but I can not say for sure. I ask you to keep this in mind as you think about politics.

It seems to me that people, understandably, get incredibly emotionally involved in the issues and stances that are out there. But do we know what we argue for is right? If there was an incontrovertibly correct answer, would not all economists, politicians, professors, etc be either liberal or conservative? The fact that there are equally intelligent, rational individuals sprinkled all over the political spectrum proves to me that ultimately, this entire game is a fire-fight of opinions. Surely this is so! But how easily we forget it. Take, for example, the issue of abortion. Now I would venture to say, perhaps controversially, that in the current situation of our planet and species abortion is not the most important thing to be arguing about. But


I know that Dave Markowitz has posted this anonymous ‘front page from November 5, 2008’ recently- but as it is a powerful manifestation tool I’m posting it again. Many of my friends have been expressing fear and anxiety over this election. To them I would say that the good news is, this way of thinking, or rather, feeling, is as unnecessary as it is unproductive. We have everything to gain by focusing on our desired outcomes, and the election is a case in point.

“A Child of God…”

I love how Barack Obama has added this to his new stump speech, "John McCain has called me every name in the book other than a Child of God."

It may seem minor to most people or even strange, but I love it.

I love it because it is THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE that I have heard a politician refer to himself as "A Child of God", which is what we all are.

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