Our body is our soul

I have a strong belief that our body and our soul (energy etc.) are seperate.

But when I have sore throat or fever, I am not able to forget my body. I have to concentrate to improve the condition of my body and forget about my soul.

When I am seperated from my love one, sometime my soul is unable to reach to the loved one. And I feel the emptiness in my soul (or is it the body in which I feel the emptiness)

I do not understand why do we try to save our body.

Why are we afraid of death?

Why cannot I stay in my soul and let my body go through pain or fever or seperation from loved ones?

Why do we try to keep our body alive?

If we are physically hurt and it pains, we forget about our soul and try to reduce pain of our body.

Is my body my soul?


Asaram Bapu ki Diwali

 I was seven years in Asaram Bapu’s ashram n bcoz I was one of his most faithfull persons. He appoint me his Narayan’s PA.

                                   Now let us discus some interesting features about Asaram Bapu. Which are out of your knowledge .

                                           I think everyone of you know that Asaram collects a lot of items like shawls,blankets, dry fruits, lohi, swaters etc. in gift ( Bhaint n Dakshina) from his followers . But no one of you know what asaram do/did with that items……. Let me tell you……..

                          Asaram earns a lot of money by selling those items how………………

                                         There are stalls in every ashram n these gifted items are saled out on the time of Diwali n Lohri( Makar Sakranti ie UTRAYAN) . Peoples gifts items bcoz of their imotions, shradha n well wishes but asaram sales your  imotions, shradha n well wishes.

                       kitna ghatiya , Ganda Aur nich hai Asaram……?

                                        One side asaram advised not to take (eat) sweets but the same side asaram sales sweets mfg in his ashram. why…….?  And these sweets are made by coconuts gifted by you to asaram. ?? ??? ?????? ????? ?? ?? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ????? ?? ????? ?? ?? ????? ??? ?????? ????? ?? ??? ???? ???? ?????? ??? ????? ?? ????? ??? ??.

                                            Asaram has so more swaters , caps, shoes, shocks etc….but the children living in their ashram hasn’t single-single. If any boy or girl want shoes etc. ASARAM ASHRAM WILL NOT PROVIDE . They have to arrange from their home/parents. boys worked there as labour n asaram earns in crores but there is no arrangments for GOOD MEAL N MEDICINES etc.

                                            In Mahabharat there was so many kings in Jarasandg’s prison the same thing is here so many boys n girls are in asaram’s mental prison. Asaram exploits them.

                                           Let us prey to GOD so that they can exit from asaram’s mental prison. So many parents are waiting for their children eg. Smt Suman Sharma,Delhi ( Ajay Sharma’s mother) .

Obama’s Infomercial – First Reactions?

In what was one of the most articulate and moving pieces of television I have ever seen, Barack Obama put forward his plan for the nation tonight in a thirty minute address.

What were your first reactions? Did it change ho you felt about him? What will this do to the race in the closing week as McCain (according to some polls) narrows the gap on Obama’s lead?
Let us know you thoughts.



I Took Part in the Peace Meditation Today

I came on to the site early so I heard the prelude music that was on before we joined the live feed. Unfortunately it seems as though the sessions at the retreat itself were behind time. I know how hard it can be to organise things like this and I have no clue why they were behind and why Deepak was trying to fit in a powerpoint presentation for about 15mins before he started the meditation but one can only figure maybe people asked too many questions this and that. And of course I wished they had started on time but we were getting to join a paid workshop for free and Deepak did reach out to the 80,000 people who were supposedly tuned in all over the world! Anyway as a whole I know how hard it is for anyone to keep a workshop running on schedule and it was 15mins late not 30 or totally messed up! Also although we couldnt see the Powerpoint slides obviously as it was only an audio hook up you did hear some interesting talks on the perception of ‘God’ and religion.

After the 15 min delay we were welcomed again and went into the meditation…for about 15mins on the heart chakra…I had a hard time hearing Deepak as he at times sounded very soft and seemed tired but I was able to fall in although I felt like I was a slow student as I had never done any of his meditations before…so I just heard let’s meditate or something like that and heart chakra but to be honest I didnt realised I was suppose to be focussing on the heart chakra! All the same I did get I was suppose to close my eyes and I guess I meditated within in the best way I knew without realising I was suppose to focus on the heart chakra. At first what happened was I sort of was feeling my attention focussed on my stomach more from centre to upper to my heart but after a while it did move to the heart. It was for sure one of the most relaxing 15 mins Ive had in a long time…first I heard the cars far off on the main road together with the buzz of insects all over (I’m in the tropics!) but eventually I was able to become more focussed and calm. It was very refreshing really although I was a bit lost as to what I was doing like were we going to be like this for the whole hour or what?