The Palin Effect; A Spiritual Perspective. Channeled on 9/16/2008

It is at this time I have been guided to hear some very specific
messages to share with you. And it is no coincidence. Things are truly
getting better and better, and worse and worse, faster and faster.
There are cosmic forces at play too great for our human understanding;
however, the evidence is clear in the collective fog, anger, and
planetary and personal ill health you are now experiencing. Everyone
and everything are connected. The global shifts in the tectonic plates
and destructive weather patterns are an end result of the global shifts
of your consciousness. As you awaken, you also go further into the
abyss of the unknown. The human mind can not appreciate this, for it
needs to know! Uncertainty is its and your own demise unless you reach
below the surface noise and listen to your soul. It always knows what
is happening and what is at stake.

What is at stake is the survival of much of your planet. The ideology
wars are coming to mass fruition, with two more candidates running for
public office in the most powerful and now most feared country who deny
the existence of any form of reality beyond which they allow themselves
to see. Their religious fervor has blinded them to not only science but
common sense.

It is the nature of human perceived power to stroke the ego with
feelings of certainty, and to do this it wishes to silence anything
that brings up unfamiliarity. Therefore it wishes to ban books, ban
freedom of choice, and limit what you have called civil liberties.
Indeed, that which your country was founded upon has been twisted to
favor those in power, with nary a care of those less fortunate. This is
the cry of the ego,

Irony Can Be So Ironic Sometimes

I bought an organic cotton shower curtain to avoid using a plastic one,
then realized it wasn’t water resistant, so I needed to buy a plastic

I then bought new money/energy-saving spiral light bulbs, but they were
packaged so tightly I needed to use force to open the package, breaking
the bulbs into tiny sharp pieces all over my apartment. Then saw they
contain mercury; now my apartment does, too.

I also realized I became vegetarian shortly after buying a leather couch.

Bought a flat screen TV and then canceled cable.

Bought a nice kitchenware cooking set and will eventually go raw.

No way am I buying condoms while on this streak!

Please join in on the world wide prayer this coming Saturday for positively resolving the global economic situation

Good morning beautiful Intenders!

I want to remind you of the powerful event that is taking place next Saturday, the world wide prayer for positively and collectively resolving the global financial situation.

Will you join in?

Thank you again for believing and KNOWING that each and every one of us is a part of the solution!


PS – I almost forgot… here’s the link for more information on this event,


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Cool Globes & Ideas For A Cooler Planet

SOMEWHAT FRANK Shiny Object LogoThis article was contributed to Frank Gruber founder and editor of SOMEWHAT FRANK. For more like it check out:

With the melting of the polar ice caps due to global warming, raising awareness of actionable items to combat the problem has become a top priority. Technology has played a role in this global warming and we all can do little things to help make sure the planet stays just a little cooler. Cool Globes is a non-profit organization that aims to help raise awareness by rallying local, national and international artists to create "cool" globes depicting potential ways to cool the planet.

We ARE – Manifestations of one consciousness – Oneness

Anapolis Chasepeak Bay Sept 1988

We all are one perspective of the whole of what is.

We exist all connected together as the whole of what is, as one.

Whether a plant, a rock, a human,
an animal, a fire or an ocean, a star or a planet, a galaxy or a
molecule, and any other infinitely possible life forms, we all
co-exist, as one.

One consciousness manifests itself in infinite forms to experience itself, life.

Oneness creates us as a dream.

We are all dreams.

We are the manifestations of those dreams.

We are a dream. Our life is a dream.

Only when we accept that we are a dream, can we become one with that dream.

We exist as Energy.

Energy is motion.Siagnole Callian Noel 1988

We are organized concentrations of Energy with the ability to manifest as needed.

We have full control of the energy when we are connected as one.

We create through our actions, physical or metaphysical in the universal oceanic flow of Energy.

Our reward for being human is to experience and feel the Energy flow like dolphins feel the ocean.

We have, right now, full control of our lives, through our actions, inactions and thoughts.

Nature has created us with the
gift of feeling, with developed sensory perceptions like vision,
hearing, touch, taste, smell, and more.

Oneness is constant genesis, a unique moment recreating itself constantly, creating motion in stillness.

We are a creation of Oneness so that the whole of what is can feel through us.

All we need is be aware of our feelings and senses, the rest just happens.

Our consciousness allows us to
experience a life that we control at a subconscious level, consciously
or unconsciously, like a captain of a ship.

We, humans, control the ship, not the Ocean.

Glacier Alpes Briancon Ete 1989The Ocean is a larger, higher, bigger manifestation of life than humans.

We humans are influenced by higher, bigger, other manifestations of life (and smaller too.)

We humans influence smaller, lower manifestations of life (and bigger too.)

We humans influence life, and when we are purely ourselves we support life with our inner strength of Self.

When we are honest with ourselves we are honest with others.

When we accept ourselves as we are, we accept others as they are.

When we respect ourselves, we respect others.

When we have fun ourselves, we have fun with others.

When we are ourselves others are themselves, all connected as one.

With the gift of feeling of life, we have the choice right now, to be aware that we are, all connected, as one.Martinique 1987

With the power of one, consciousness experiences infinite possibilities.

Now I ask you, was our body
created to sit on a couch pushing buttons on a remote control watching
a screen with pictures and sound?

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