Children Of His Rainbow World

Children Of His Rainbow World 

It is we who nourish the soul of the world and the world we live in will either be better or worse depending whether we become better or worse. Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist I usually read the Alchemist about once a year, good books like this one and the Celestine Prophecy, change as you change.

I use to think they took on a new meaning as I grew older, but now I understand, it is that I see more of the true essence of the stories as I Awaken. I am not 100% sure why at this point in my life I see everything as color. In my writing, my healing work and my spiritual world, color exist not as something applied over the top of a nice drawing but as the essence of the work itself. I´ve been playing with the idea of writing my first novel, a bit of a life’s work. Like an artist preparing to do his next painting, I have been thinking about what color would this work be. It always comes to me the same, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo blue and violet, in that exact order. The colors of the human chakra and also the color of Gods rainbow. I now realize that we are all ¨Children Of His Rainbow World.¨ The Chi surfing I´ve been doing has opened a rainbow connection between the spiritual world above and the physical world I live in. A bridge between two separate yet deeply connected worlds.

As I become more connected to myself worth, my inner colors and their effect on me, I see my world here on earth merging with the spiritual world radiating from above. These two worlds match perfectly, each color starting from the right to left with red and the world that exist in that color, the people, the energy, the vibration level, all clicking into place, as if a door will open when they are all aligned and connected. A rainbow bridge between Heaven and Earth.

When I pick up my guitar these days and start to ¨Pull Songs From The Sky¨ I see all kinds of spirits gathered, as if sitting around waiting to bring each of their own unique colors to my composition, splashing it with color, energy and life. I see them waiting there for the bridge to be completed so that our connection will become more permanate. ( I just read what I have written so far and I heard somebody say ¨Ya, he´s got color all right, purple haze blowing around his brain.¨) I know now that comment came from someone passing by, heading down the road in a very different direction, to a black and white world, where color does not exist. I lived in that black and white world for a long time. I stayed numb and disconnected from the color in life. Hatred, anger, fear were a lot easier to digest and tolerate in that black and white world. The fact that so many humans were killing other humans as if Gods commandment ¨THOU SHALT NOT KILL¨ was only a suggestion, was easier to swallow in black and white.

Now I live in a Rainbow world filled with hippies in love with everything around them, holding up peace signs and singing songs of freedom. All the while God is looking down from above and watching us as we drum the sounds of life and dance the spirit dance, both here on earth and in heaven and he is smiling. The colors of the Rainbow are filling in and the bridge is almost complete. He knows when it is done and the connection is made, the cruelty of the world of black and white and the kindness of the world of color, the choice of better or worse will become very clear to all of his children. As those two paths separate and the ¨Children Of His Rainbow World¨ make their choice to cross over the spiritual rainbow bridge he has provided and begin to listen to the music that exist there and dace the celebration of life, they will separate from the world of black and white and he will give each world what it seeks. I look forward to holding all your hands as we cross that bridge together.

Get ready because a 1000 years of celebration of love, life and color is about to begin for the ¨Children Of His Rainbow World.¨ I am a child of his rainbow world An earth healer A religion of one in a church of many.

Touch Everything Attach to Nothing

Love, Peace and Understanding

Ziggy/Nuela Chogyal C.E.O. (Concerned Environmental Officer)

H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth and Life)

Going Thirsty so Beijing Can Drink

As part of the script development for my next film Paani (water) I have made certain assumptions, one of which is that rural ground water will be depleted to satisfy the needs of the mega ciites, causing famine in rural areas, leading in turn, to huge migrations to the Mega cities. Creating unsustainable Mega Cities. So the cycle goes on and Paani (the film) tells the story of one such Mega City (or part of it) where water has run out and the Water Wars have started. So here is something that someone sent me to support the research for Paani – it talks about the rural areas around Beijing going dry so that Beijing can drink water. But for how long ? Please read if you have the patience.
THE water level at Wangkuai Reservoir, one of the biggest in Hebei province, is close to an historic high