6 degrees of separation = 6 degrees of CONNECTION


6 degrees of separation = 6 degrees of CONNECTION

We are ALL CONNECTED by NO MORE THAN 6 individuals,
members of our Universal Family Tree
by LESS THAN 6!!!!

Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary is YOUr Wisdom and Wellness Community
Lounge. A community WHOLLY dedicated to empowering, enriching, &
enlightening the lives of ALL.
Her Wisdom and Wellness Professionals have dedicated their WHOLE
BEingness to uplifting, transcending & providing guidance to any
who so seek, that ALL May radiate LIGHT and LOVE in their WHOLE life
and BEingness and thus BE the change we seek to see, and create our
life as intended to BE, in PeaceFull LOVing Serenity :O)

We remain, as always, all ways, in the service of the higher good for ALL.
Soul’s Family is a community of LOVE, Peace and Light, of, by, for, and through the people.
We assist ALL whenever and where ever we are able, this is our Personal Legend, our soul’s beckoning, our Fulfilled Destiny :O)
In giving to Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary, you are blessing ALL….

We are ALL Blessed, humbled and deeply honoured
the Generosity of
YOUr Gift


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Blessedly BE
Angels Divine,
within the Embracing Light of
PeaceFull Loving Serenity, &
one Fantastical, Amazing, Adventurous, Party’in Journey :O)

YOUr Soul’s Family
Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary
YOUr Wisdom & Wellness Community Lounge
909 Manning Avenue, T.O., Canada, M6G 2X5

A Fundamental Change of the Heart.

No other change matters.

Verbal bombs are jus as destructive and maming as the real thing. We cannot sit in the luxury of our safe homes and curse, judge, question and critize, those we hate, for whatever reason, and think we a re better than them. We are not. Why do we feel such satisfaction when we do?

Existential Debt

Donor conceived people who express opinions that are not
supportive of the method of their conception are constantly challenged with
responses such as "But you wouldn’t exist without it." or "Aren’t
you grateful to be alive?"

Meeting a Master, Part I & II

My blog at www.jamesbaquet.com is entitled "Gurus and Goofballs." Part of its mission is to detail my meetings with some of the great and not-so-great.

Master Ji Qun

Today’s post (and the next) is about a great man, Master Ji Qun, that I had the honor to meet in July of 2006. Please have a look at Meeting a Master, Part I, and now Part II as well.

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