Market Turmoil to Shift Business Focus from “Pestering” to “Attracting” Clients

Below is an email I recently sent to a group of inspired entrepreneurs in Washington D.C., organized by Klia Bassing of feel this note could help others see a new perspective on what’sgoing on with these financial and economic earthquakes. As painful asthey are now, they’re helping us in an important transition inbusiness, from a "pushing/pestering" energy to a "attracting" energy. Even if you don’t understand exactly whatI mean by this, I’ll bet that idea or those words resonate for you.This isn’t an overnight change, and it will take more years to fullyrealize. Meanwhile, the harder people and organizations hold onto the’prior’ way of doing business, the more painful it will be for them andtheir communities…


Hi Seedbed’rs!

I hope everyone is weathering both the literal storms and financialmarket storms. The financial market problems are one symptom of amassive change in how business works, from one of promotion (driven bya hunger for money and prestige), to one of attraction and receiving(driven by a desire for enjoyment and inspiration). This will be, itis, a very painful shift for many people and entire organizations.

I’m sharing here a v1.0 handout I created recently. The intention of thehandout, and the idea of "unique genius", is to help you or anyonereflect on what kind of dream business you would create for yourselves.Once you have a vision of it…you can begin to make it! Even if itmight take years…better to start now than later :)

Download the Unique Genius Handout – 090308

Here is one other exercise around pausing to reflect on "what do I really want for myself?"

All the best,

Aaron Ross

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