Jesus as the Son of God

This video is part of a series on The Third Jesus in which Deepak Chopra speaks to the biblical stories of Jesus — reaching beyond the literal interpretation of Jesus’ story to the message of his life. Deepak Chopra describes Jesus as a metaphor for each human’s potential and potential journey to enlightenment and resurrection as a higher, creative being. Deepak Chopra further explores these themes in his latest book, Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment

Blog Tag – Round #2 – 5 More things about me

I got tagged again. This time by Derrick. Derrick revealed that he danced with Madonna as one of his 5 things. What to know more? Click his name and find out.

Here is my previous blog tag post if you would like to know how this works or see my first 5 answers.

The 2nd 5 – 🙂

1. I just finished my first ever 5 day master cleanse that Debra, my wife and I did together. It was a great experience, I felt good most of the time and I learned a lot about my body. I had an extra easy time because Debra planned it all out for me and going through the cleanse together made it much more comfortable.

2. I have a 13 year old son who is an amazing conscious being.

3. I have a 19 year old daughter that we met when she was 14. She grew up in an orphanage in Kazakhstan. Adopting a teenager is an interesting experience.

4. We homeschool our children and are very glad we made that choice for them.

5. I am exploring the idea of getting a small farm and practicing voluntary simplicity. The process itself has been an exercise in discovering what I really want and need and tuning in to more resonance in my daily life.


Now for the fun part- I get to tag 5 of you. 🙂 Jennifer, Jann, Andrew, Tina and Lori , you’re it!

One final note- tag your post with ‘blogtag’ – all one word- so we can easily view all of them.

Have fun, and happy tagging!

Alzheimer’s Month: 6 Tips for Caregivers

November is Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. Last year I wrote a piece on being a caregiver for someone you love with Alzheimer’s for a national magazine. Here’s an excerpt of that article with six pieces of advice to help caregivers cope:

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