Sitting down on any park bench is the nearest thing to be in contact both with Nature and with other human beings. Alot can be lesrned if we just watch attentabily to everybody and everything, but it would be great if we discipline our mind by using a very kind and subtle suggestion instruct it to just pick out a color, or a shape, or a reflexion, or a specific type of movement.It is really amazing how much we have lost regarding appriciating many wonderful simple things.That’s the reason of my invitation to spend as little as seven minutes with a commited action in our minds; five minutes spend with wide open eyes detecting and computing the chosen action, and just two more minutes spent recalling with shut eyes the obseved things or people. As you get convinced of this now useful habit you will surely add different sounds, different smells, even the wind on your face and body it will be like relearning to see, hear,smell and touch. Wise men from the past and from the present have insisted on changing our world for the better just by changing the way we feel it and percieve it. Our creative imagination hand in hand with our intuition will help us a lot in this new endeavor.Here I wish to express my gratitude to Charles Wildbank becuse he has helped me with my Grammar and spelling, that’s why you can easily infere that he didn’t help me with this one.

What an opportunity we have now.

As I witness the events happening in our world today, I can only think what an exciting time this is. As events unfold, people are being given a wonderful opportunity to turn within themselves for answers and to follow this guidance as never before.

Sure, some people are scared and try to run away from what is happening. For other, though, this is a super time to get back to basics.

To do this, one needs to spend quiet time daily, read and watch inspiring information, and remember that life always moves in cycles. It might be wintertime, but spring is not far away.

Keep breathing.

Trust Your Intuition

Don Alverto Taxo, a Quichua elder and Iachak (community leader/healer), speaks of the ancient prophecy of the eagle and the condor meeting to bring a new harmony into the world. Don Alverto invites us all to trust the universal human intuition to bring greater harmony into our lives, and to seek life’s deeper meaning.

A Global Transformation

A retrospective of our journey this past year offering a picture of what is being born during this time of global transformation.

Amelia Glynn captures the essence of our project in the New Connexion article Telling the World’s Stories: Global Oneness Project.

What We Learn From Little Ones

On my way to work this morning, I heard a very bright six year old, packing
up the car for school, ask his dad, "If Mr. Obama becomes President will
he think that it

Comments on Emptiness

One of the most misunderstood concepts of the Buddhist tradition is that of Emptiness. Far from being a treatise of the futility of it all or a defeatist cry of frustration, the realisation of Emptiness is a catalyst of releasing one’s fear and over-attachment to things in the deep-end of mundane. By briefly exploring this principle, we can take the round tour of some core facets of the Buddhist method.

The idea of Emptiness rests upon the principle of Causation – in a nutshell, all things existing have arisen from the previous interaction of events and matter – paraphrasing Karma, if you will. Sitting outside and watching the goings on in a field or forest for a few hours (which is a pretty good idea anyway) is enough to illustrate this observation. Now, considering the causal property of existence, it follows that no one thing has an ‘independent’ nature of its own. That is, nothing exists because of itself and thus, is ‘Empty’ of any fundamental substance.

On the human side of this equation, the understanding of Emptiness brings us to terms with another essential principle of existence – Impermanence. What is assembled will, in time, be transformed into other assemblies due to its Emptiness and the workings of Karma or Causality. Being aware of (not necessarily ‘believing’, just observing) this continual emergence can loosen the minds desperate grasp on objects and ease the fear of ‘losing’ them – one cannot possess something that is a process of change in itself. The mind’s convictions will naturally give way to its ability to clearly perceive and a subtle yet profound clarity will take its roots.

To many the eventual question is: where did it all start? What was the beginning cause and material? Well, trying to answer this has led to several rather nasty wars and thinking about it too hard will probably cloud over one’s awareness, making sensing what is actually there and how things work (without the dictates of beliefs and expectation) all the more difficult.
These principles are keys to a method that allows one to experience the world without the confusion of fear and the rigidity of attachment. This method does not provide ready made answers; coming to conclusions is at the discretion and the risk of the practitioner.

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