Never Despair

I was 18 years old graduating class of 2000. Out of high school my vision was set on how I wanted to be successful in life. My vision was to move to Bend, Oregon, get into the EMT/Firefighting program there, get married, house and the white picket fence. Well, two terms into it and it all came to a halt.

Moved back to Albany, started going to school for computers cause that was the thing to do then. I learned quickly computers aren

How to Throw the Best Damn Pity Party Ever

You’re feeling like crap, truly down in the dumps. No happy music, no positive affirmations, no silly sitcom can shake the crap blues away. So what’s left to do?

THROW YOURSELF THE BEST DAMN PITY PARTY EVER!! Yep, you read right. Uh-huh, get ready to throw that party.

Things you will need:

  • Sad music, the real tear jerking kind.
  • Your favorite comfort food; this is NOT the time to count the calories. OK!?
  • Black streamers and balloons; no party is complete without good decorations to set the mood
  • A box of Kleenex; it’s cool to blubber, but not cool to wipe snot on your sleeve.
  • A pad of paper and pen; for writing down all funky feelings, negative thoughts, letters to people who have wronged you.
  • Party etiquette (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT); 1) There is NO giving up on you no matter how crappy you feel, 2) Feel your crap, sit in it, but no slinging directly

Barack Obama and the New Love Story

The most important opening Obama has brought us is that so many people around the world have fallen in love. People in many countries have suddenly fallen head over heels, have found the place of hope, strength, enthusiasm, from where everything is possible. The leader of the social democrats here in Sweden, Mona Sahlin, commented softly yesterday that more people in the USA believe in Barack today than in Jesus… and she wished him good luck in accomplishing even one thousandth of what people expect of him.

As any love story, this one is starting with sparkling infatuation, and in order to not end with a speedy break up … it will have to continue with the work of turning one’s attention inward to find one’s own wounds and patterns that block the unfolding of a new reality. People all over the world will have to recognize that it is not Barack Obama who will solve the problems, because the problems originate inside ourselves. As soon as our honey moon is over we will return to business as usual unless we go through the hard work of looking our loveless behaviour in the eye, recognizing our own aggression, greed, fear, carelessness, etc, etc. These are the hard times that love needs to carry us through, the times of getting honest.

Those people who have found their connection to Spirit, to what we are beyond our individual and collective behaviour- beyond our wars, dramas and turbulence of all kinds- they will be able to see, forgive and move on. They will have the awareness to see what is loving and what is not, to think, speak and act from only love.

I would like to remind us all that any judgmental thought is a destructive thought. Any loving thought is a creative thought.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t see things as they are, that we cannot discern between evolutionary directions and such that is not in our best interests as a planetary family right now. But the judging needs to be seen through. It is always in the eyes of the perceiver, and that’s where it needs to be dismantled and let go of.

My Prop 8 Post Today On my Other Blog Uncle Fatlips

I actually have a blog outside of Intent that I post to everyday. It’s called Uncle Fatlips–LA’s Daily Survival Cheat Sheet.

Uncle Fatlips has consumed most of my free time over the past month and a half since I started it. I post things like news, arts & entertainment items, sales/bargains, rants and consumer advocacy stuff. It’s still a work in progress and it is evolving at its own pace into my vision of it when I decided that I wanted to create a blog several months ago. Anyway, the following is a news update post from today. My language can be salty at times so please forgive…I’m just a salty kinda’ guy. But the passion is in the right place. I’d announced in an earlier post that I was taking the day off in honor of Obama’s election. But then I got wind of the latest developments with Prop. 8. I had to write about it right then and post it.

Honor Your Purpose In Life

"We have spoken to many who simply cannot recall what their purpose was for entering into their current life. They feel a sense of floundering that leaves them wondering why they incarnated at all… the goals attached to this seemingly long abandoned by what they perceive as themselves… dramas of their life often clouding any eternal sense of self while the ticking of time pulsates in their heads.

Some see no real conclusion to what they perceive as a useless and often painful existence… this due to the life path that is out of line with what their eternal self had planned in the beginning.

We counsel a slowing of the fast paced linear reality that most of you find yourselves in. A lack of focus upon the clock is the first step to understanding the larger portion of yourself that does not perceive time.

Physical existence is not a race to the finish. It is a participation in a reality that was meant to enlighten and fulfill your higher entity that wishes to evolve.

Slow down.

Take yourself when you are able to a quiet place. Your thoughts cannot create your reality with all the chaos.

Slow down.

Take a moment to ponder yourself without time increments and deadlines. In this place of quiet the whispers of your soul will have opportunity to speak.

This is the first of many steps that we will speak of on your way to rediscovering yourself.

Slow down."

Adapted by "Veronica" channeled through Medium April Crawford –