Going Thirsty so Beijing Can Drink

As part of the script development for my next film Paani (water) I have made certain assumptions, one of which is that rural ground water will be depleted to satisfy the needs of the mega ciites, causing famine in rural areas, leading in turn, to huge migrations to the Mega cities. Creating unsustainable Mega Cities. So the cycle goes on and Paani (the film) tells the story of one such Mega City (or part of it) where water has run out and the Water Wars have started. So here is something that someone sent me to support the research for Paani – it talks about the rural areas around Beijing going dry so that Beijing can drink water. But for how long ? Please read if you have the patience.
THE water level at Wangkuai Reservoir, one of the biggest in Hebei province, is close to an historic high

The Law of Polarity

I’ve been contributing articles on the Seven Hermetic Laws which I originally discovered via a mentor of mine about 30 years ago in the Kybalion book (written the the Three Initiates, and originally published by the Yogi Publication Society in 1912, I beiieve.) The most recent installment is an article on the Law of Polarity. Since our world appears, at times, to be rather polarized, (even when we’re NOT in an election year! :-), it would seem that finding an unshakeable point of awareness that allows us to navigate beyond the dualistic push/pull of extrinsic identification is a key to sustainable serenity. I like geometric metaphors and reminders, so I use examples such as the third point of the triangle, which embraces what appear to be opposites, by residing in a new dimension (a point not on the line). Here’s the link to the full article: http://spiritofmaat.com/oct08/polarity.html

Prior articles touched on the Laws of Mentalism, Correspondence, and Vibration, as well as an introductory article with a few "Take Home Lessons From Modern Physics". The November article will touch on the Law of Rhythm, followed by Cause & Effect and Genter/Generation. Enjoy!

Thanks again to Mallika for extending the original intent; a joy to watch this endeavor blossom! Cheers and blessings! 🙂