Putting It into Perspective

One of the things I enjoy each year in my bustling Venice neighborhood is visiting the Abbot Kinney festival.

Our part of Venice has gone through somewhat of a renaissance over the last few years. My husband and I have only lived here for four years, so we weren’t here for the darkest days, when drug deals and shootings made many parts of Venice no-go. We came to Venice as it began to turn, you’d see more families on the streets, new shops and restaurants started to open and Abbot Kinney began to evolve from a little known artistic/beach community for locals into the uber-hip funky street it is today.

As with many areas that undergo gentrification, this process hasn’t come without its share of controversy. Not everyone welcomes an influx of new people and many resent the rising house prices and no longer being able to find a park in your own backyard.

So this year’s festival being the most popular (and crowded) yet was greeted with mixed feelings by many locals. I for one didn’t go. We’d had a tiring weekend with the kids and pushing a stroller through that madness, well I just wasn’t up for it. And now I’m so glad I didn’t.

The news that a man was shot and a woman badly injured in a shooting at the end of the festival shocked many in our community. Much as we may bemoan the radical changes that are changing our neighborhood, I think everyone would agree we don’t want to see a return to those crime-striken days.

My thoughts go out to the families who are suffering after this event. It happened a block from my boy’s school. We walked past the floral tribute on our way in this morning. With everything going on in the world today, events like this put your own stresses and concerns into perspective.

So my intent for today is to be thankful for what I have, keep my loved ones safe, and believe in my community.

Cultivate Your Life Force

According to Vedic science, the intention for consciousness to become the universe is feminine, a quality of the Divine Mother. Creativity is an inherent property of Mother Nature, who loves to turn the One into the Many. The Sanskrit name given to this subtle yet most powerful impulse to manifest as form and phenomena is Prakruti.

No Gym? No Problem

You don’t always need fancy toys or classes to get in shape. These how-to videos will show you how to get fit, no gear required:

Warm up or just loosen up with a no-fuss stretch routine, like this easy 5-minute version you can do anywhere.

Strengthen your arms and upper body with the T push-up, a modified take on the original that won’t have you dropping after 10.

Work your abs and core with this 15-minute routine that uses only your body weight to whittle your middle.

Get high-intensity cardio without the machinery by following this parallel skiing drill from Amy Dixon.

Freestyle by turning on your favorite dance music and just letting loose (bonus: this is also a great stress reliever).

Do a little of everything with this total body workout, a perfect go-to routine for home or travel.

For more ideas, check out these moves using household objects and this simple 10-minute yoga routine.

Just Say “No” to Any Immediate Bailout

Rabbis of antiquity interpreted the attempt by humanity to build a Tower of Babel that would allow people to storm heaven as a symbol of human hubris and technological power gone crazy. It was globalization for the sake of power, not for the sake of kindness or goodness, so, according to the Bible, God ensured that the whole thing would collapse.
Scrambling languages and a multi-cultural reality provided a way for humans to develop their own less imperialistic goals, diffusing power and challenging the notion that the path to salvation lies with material conquests and technological prowess.
Our contemporary capitalist system and its globalization of selfishness has evolved into a similarly grotesque distortion as people are increasingly socialized into the goals of the system: Accumulate as much money and power as possible, and refuse to allow any other ethical goals into the public sphere (we are allowed to pursue them in our own "private lives" but not together in social space).

Gotham Chopra: Suddenly Obama and McCain Don’t Look So Different

“This bailout shouldn’t just be about saving Wall Street, it’s about Main Street…” – Barack Obama…no I mean John McCain. For God’s sake, can I just freaking vote already?
It’s hard to tell these days amidst the orgy of campaign cliches which candidate is which. As each desperately tries to appeal to the middle class swing voter whose mortgages and retirement plans are suddenly at risk, they slowly seem to be morphing into the same political machine.
My support for Obama has always been predicated by the hope that he will bring a fresh face to some of the critical issues of our time, from moral dilemmas facing this nation on issues of health care, poverty, education, and immigration to the great questions facing the security of this country: wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the threat of terrorism, and shattered relations with our allies everywhere. I’ve never been a huge fan of his economic plan which includes increased government regulation and increasing taxes on people that make more than $250K a year. I have no real problem with higher taxes on the wealthy in times like these, but I do have a problem with the seeming demonization of them. After all, the wealthy generally are people who lead businesses and therefore provide jobs to others, pay their healthcare, and fund retirement plans. Let’s not all of a sudden presume that anyone who manages to create their own wealth is some greedy Wall Street Gordon Gekko. Not every one of them is the recipient of the now popularized “golden parachute” which sounds more like a porno-term than an economic one.
Then again, somewhere along the last eight years, the Republican party that once stood for less government, less regulation, and more free market, somehow became the party of the largest government ever in the history of the nation. Now John McCain finds himself trapped by GOP theory and the reality of the potential crisis he could inherit that desperately needs some measure of government assistance.
Both candidates right now are floating around on the periphery of this thing, trying to figure out where the shoe might fall so they can align themselves with it, even take credit for it. Meanwhile, as the chaos ensues, they are fabricating innovative logic to blame the other guy for it. It’s all rather tiresome and superficial because the roots of this madness are so much deeper. Forgive my crude summation of the circumstances, but to me, there is no separating Wall Street and Main Street in this instance. Bankers and consumers are complicit in this one. American consumers and dwellers of Main Street have long been exploiters of America, the credit nation. Americans like to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have. And the American credit system enables them. The only difference is that this time, the creditors got caught with their pants down. To somehow blame the whole systemic collapse on bankers who were just being, um, bankers seems disingenuous.
Like it or not, we’re all in this one together. Everyone is at risk, and the only way forward may be to admit that the system needs an overhaul, a restart. To me, that doesn’t mean that the government is off the hook and should back away from a bailout, nor that Wall Street big wigs have to re-contemplate the basic tenants of John Smith economics — they do. But everyone else on over-used Main Street, likewise, needs to reflect on how they contributed to this catastrophe.

Quantum Patches (Medicine of future)

The Life Wave technology is a new and innovative approach to performance enhancement allowing organic materials to interact with the human body to increase stamina, performance and energy.


Clinically tested – double blind university studies prove stamina increases of up to 40% within the first use.


Increased Energy – World class athletes and coaches have discovered that LifeWave is the secret to getting the edge on the competition.


Non-Transdermal – New nanotechnology patch. Nothing enters the body. See results within minutes of use. Free of Stimulants.


Constructed from water, oxygen and amino acids sealed inside a plastic shell


Designed for men and women; athletic and non-athletic


It is believed that the patches communicate the information needed to initiate the transport of fats to the cells for ATP production (the basic unit of energy in every cell).


What is Nanotechnology ?

Nanotechnology is described as "Manufactured products that are made from atoms. The properties of those products depend on how those atoms are arranged. If we rearrange the atoms in coal we can make diamonds. If we rearrange the atoms in sand we can make computer chips. If we rearrange the atoms in dirt, water and air we can make potatoes."

The LifeWave Technology takes advantage of nanotechnology resulting in an all natural product that communicates with the user to improve energy and well being without stimulants.


Organic Nano-Antennas

LifeWave is the world leader in the emerging field of organically constructed nano-antennas for the passive frequency modulation of the human magnetic field. These antennas, when properly constructed, we believe are capable of passively modulating the human magnetic field for the purpose of transmitting information to the human body. The first commercially available product that LifeWave is offering is in the form of a patch, with this product instructing the body to transport fats to the mitochondria for ATP production.

The end result is that users experience immediate improvements in energy and stamina.


What is in the Patches ?

All LifeWave patches contain the LifeWave technology. The materials in the patches consist of a patent pending blend of water, oxygen, amino acids and organics applied to a polyester fabric and sealed within a polymer shell. The active materials are applied to a substrate so as to form a nano-scale organic antenna. When properly assembled, we believe that these LifeWave antennas are capable of passively communicating with the user to instruct or initiate various metabolic responses in the user.


Is LifeWave based on any known science ?

LifeWave is based on solid science and years of research from many fields. It is known that:


- A pulsating magnetic field exists directly above the surface of the human body (detectable by SQUID magnetometers); Dr. John Zimmerman, University of Colorado, 1980)


- The human body is divided into zones of electrically positive and electrically negative regions; detectable with sub-dermal electrodes; Albert R. Davis Research Lab, 1974)


- There is an electrical response within the human body when using the LifeWave patches; detectable with Spectravision or RJL bioelectrical impedance analysis


- It is known that signal induction is the process by which information is communicated to the DNA of the cell for initiating various cellular responses.


- For more on pertinent research by other investigators please read Dr. Haltiwangers paper.


How does LifeWave work if nothing enters the body ?

It is believed that:

- The pulsating magnetic field above the human body passes through the patches


- The patches have been constructed so as to "Frequency Modulate" (FM) the human magnetic field much in the same way that we transmit information over high frequency radio waves.


- This FM wave is now "transmitted" back to the body by resonant energy transfer (similar to having two people hold a rope with one person creating a wave motion; the wave will travel to the other person)

- Once the FM signal reaches the user, the signal comes in contact with the cells in our bodies; this is known as signal induction, and is the process by which various cellular responses occur.


- In this case, the patches are "encoded" with the signal "transport fat to the mitochondria and make ATP"


- Because there is over twice as much ATP (cellular energy) derived from fat as compared with carbohydrates, using fat as an energy source can be beneficial


What is exciting about the LifeWave technology is that our LifeWave patches may be encoded with any number of different messages for the body to receive. Our first patch products are encoded to tell the body to "burn fat and make energy" But we can also, for example:



Increase muscle mass by "turning off" a regulatory protein known as myostatin


Induce a state of calm sleep by "turning on" production of serotonin


Improve old age by "turning on" the pituitary into making more hGH


Improve memory, intelligence and focus by moving acetlycholine between the left and right brain


Increase collagen production for surgery-free face lifts


And dozens of other metabolic processes


LifeWave patches are manufactured at FDA registered facilities and in accordance with the specifications in our Patent filing. LifeWave, LLC does not endorse claims or have scientific proof that it’s products are effective in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease in man or animal.

This product is not intended to be used in the treatment, prevention or cure of disease. Use product only as directed. Do not use product if you have a health condition. Please consult your healthcare professional before using should you have any concerns.


The adhesive of our patches is hypoallergenic however if you experience a skin irritation simply discontinue use. Should any of the contents of the patches make contact with skin simply wash with water to remove. Should you experience any type of discomfort from the use of this product discontinue use.



If you are interested in these products see my space below, space translated into several languages



and for contact me, my email address is :