Bodily absorbed substances

Quite astonishing, even
though quite obvious and well known, but amazing while being experienced. What
is it? A fact, how substances that we put into our bodies, effects our minds.
The more conscious, aware and clear the mind the stronger the influence can be
experienced. How colorful the world can be after eating raw food for just to
days and how unpleasant it might seem after a cup of coffee and cigarette.

And what a bliss it is that
only forty days of intensive kundalini yoga practice can increase the

How do I change my feelings towards my job?

I have just recently started learning about the law of attraction, and have just started to study the works of Abe. I need a little advice though if you would please help.
I recently started a job in March. Now when I took this job it was because I was unhappy at my last place of work. When I was at the interview I had a terrible feeling but I ignored that and went on with it anyway, seeing it as the better of two evils.
Now I am feeling that this job is totally not me at all and going to work every day I am working hard to find joy.
Do I need to manifest that the job I have gets better and I become a success at it or do I manifest my dream job. I want it to be the latter but at the same time while I am working on bringing forth my dream job how do I view that one I hate.
I am really stuck on this one.




Hi there – ok – hopefully I can help.
You need to understand that what comes to you is a reaction to the vibration
you put out… really it is…. (no blame here, remember.) So if you change
your vibration about WHAT IS, and understand that what you are seeing as
reality every day is just a manifestation of your thoughts of the past while,
you will understand that if you focus on seeing the GOOD POINTS of your current
job, also focus on attracting to you your dream job, not only will your current
job become easier to do but you will realize that there is no scarcity of
jobs… and if this is not the job for you, you will manifest the real one, the
one of your dreams. But remember – YOU start it by putting out a certain
vibration… so if you can say to yourself:
While I currently feel uncomfortable in this work, and while I know that i am
focusing on what is, I also know that I can let go and relax knowing that all is
well, knowing that my Inner Being will never lead me into a place that is not
right for me… and so, knowing that, I also know that I can create anything I
want for myself, and that if this job is not what I really want, I will find
what it right for me. So I am going to relax and let go, and allow the Universe
to bring to me what is a vibrational match to this good feeling place.

Love and gratitude – Nina




Transformation of Consciousness


I wonder about our true self and what it is. Is our true self/the essence of what we are, the same as Atman or is it something that is even beyond Atman?

Since we all are in the process of shifting our awareness from jiva to

Atman, does that mean that both jiva and Atman are different points of

view or two different ways of experiencing what is?

Is it really possible for consciousness to be pure and totally objective?

As soon as there is awareness, isn

The Financial Crisis: Opportunities and Threats

This is a list of the key "Opportunities and Threats" we, as members of a global community, now face amidst this financial crisis.



. Humanity is moving with hiccups towards greater humility, acting in concertand collective thinking. Nation states are recognising their inter-dependencewithin the global community of sovereign nations.

. Small is beautiful. The way out of economic difficulty is through thecreativity and the ingenuity of small to medium size businesses as they havethe ability to create employment and reinvent processes in all kinds ofeconomic conditions.

. The global economy will no longer be driven by two or three trading blocs, asother smaller trans-national and regional engines are gaining significance.

A Musical Mission from Allah

Can a Pakistani rock star strike a new chord in the hearts of Islamic fundamentalists?
The most important battle in the world right now may not be between radical Islam and the West but between Islam and itself. The fourteen-hundred-year-old religion has hit a crossroads.

Moderates and extremists are vying for influence and power in this ancient tradition, and perhaps nowhere is that struggle more evident than in Pakistan. As one of the largest Muslim countries, with a population of 150 million, Pakistan is a test case for a religion that is being pulled apart by the twin tensions of modernity and fundamentalism. In the midst of this maelstrom, fate, with a little help from the BBC, has placed an unlikely champion of a more moderate version of Islam at the center of the debate. His name is Salman Ahmad, and he is the guitarist in the band Junoon. A South Asian trio with members from Pakistan, India, and the United States, Junoon has become a worldwide sensation over the last decade and is now a household name for millions of Pakistanis and Indians. And Ahmad, who has teamed up with award-winning producer Ruhi Hamid to make documentaries exploring Islam, may be the best-known face in what the New York Times has called "the U2 of Asia."

"Who are the Mullahs who say that [music is forbidden]?" demands Ahmad, sitting calm and relaxed in a circle of students at a Pakistani madrassa, or religious school. What unfolds next in the BBC documentary The Rock Star and the Mullahs is a rare glimpse into a world few Westerners have ever seen. Ahmad asks the students of this fundamentalist Islamic school to tell him why they believe that music is haram, or forbidden, in the teachings of Islam. As he presses them and they respond, the young Muslim students are torn between their fascination with this cultural icon, who represents rock and roll and twenty-first-century values, and their adherence to a form of increasingly extremist Islam taught by their local mullahs. Eventually, Ahmad reaches for his guitar, and as the students sit around him, their expressions a mixture of shock and intrigue, he defies the ban on music and sings