Election 2008: Ego vs. Higher Self

In September Deepak wrote that this presidential race is a "consciousness race." With insight he detailed Obama’s desire to increase our national consciousness and the right’s desire to remain asleep. I thought of this today as I learned that Governor Palin has now introduced a new round of personal attacks againt Senator Obama, trying to tie him to a Weatherman terrorist who acted out when Barak was eight years old. Senator McCain recently indicated that he was ready to "take the gloves off" and the Republican campaign team has indicated that they are going to take things to a new level in this final month of electioneering.

I believe we are witnessing the battle of the ego vs. the higher self on a national social level. One candidate desires to address issues from a thoughtful perspective to change the future by being honest and pragmatic about the present and the choices we are making. The other candidate is resorting to appealing to emotion and sentiment, belittles thinking and a rational approach and when he finds himself down in the polls, begins to embrace fear and intense personal attacking in an effort to hang on.

I find this national situation often played out in my inner life. My ego refuses to yield to the higher self without a fight, a fight that is never based on reality, a fight that is all about remaining in power. At fifty years of age one would think I would be used to it but I continue to marvel at how far and with what strength my ego will go in an effort to stay in power.

It is my deep hope and prayer that the American people will renounce the politics of 1988 and 2004. I hope that Willie Horton and swift boating politics will not, again, turn our national focus away from the serious issues of economics, war, and the future we will bequeath to our children and grandchildren. As we move toward November and change, I hope America moves beyond the ego and begins to embrace the higher self. Awakening vs. remaining asleep is an important personal and now, national issue.

Ronald Reagan often spoke about America being a shining ciyty on a hill. The building blocks of such a city must include respect, diversity, tolerance and the desire to find in others, the same light that exists within oneself.

No More Compulsive Thinking

If we pay attention to our thoughts, we will discover that 90 percent of them are gibberish. The problem is, this gibberish controls what we think, how we feel and what we do. Conditioned thinking is why we are so often angry and unhappy.

We can loosen the grip of our conditioned thoughts by bringing our attention to them without judgment. By becoming aware of our thinking, its ability to control us lessens. Once we realize that so much of our thoughts and beliefs are stale, silly and do not reflect what we want ourselves to be, we can release them.

Let’s release our attachment to compulsive thinking by becoming aware of it.


Take a break – you will be better for it!

Well, I knew it was time to take a break when I noticed my first grey hair. And after I counted one, I noticed a second and eventually counted 6! My parents were late to grey so I easily deduced that stress was likely a factor in the mini-crisis that I had in front of the mirror last week :)

Immediately, I booked a mini retreat for four days to Samana on the north east coast of Dominican Republic (my new home). The resort was beyond gorgeous! These are some real pics..

With the upcoming Get Away & Get a Plan retreat and other special projects that I am working on, I decided to go away and practice what I preach (but still with the idea that I would check email and work a little if necessary.)

So, as I am standing in reception being told that the internet has and will be out of service indefinitely, I felt a little let’s say, uneasy.

For the first day, I would wander to the reception and casually ask if service had been restored and each time I received the same answer, "No, sorry Senorita". Then it became obvious that everything was aligned for me to have 4 days to rebuild, rejuvenate, sleep soundly and breathe in the beautiful scenery.

So I did! I am back and feel fantastic! I am full of ideas and energy to share with my clients and readers. It was a good reminder to not let the pressure build and to practice self-care every day. And do you know what? The world didn’t fall apart! :)

Contact me anytime to share your stories and take advantage of a complimentary 30 minute coaching session!

Best to you today!
Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.

Healing myself before healing the world

This is a sample of my local headline news that I face everyday.

Pittsburgh, PA
Two stabbed at Oakland bar at Post-Gazette
Missing Munhall woman found dead in West… at Post-Gazette
Penn Hills driver dies when car overturns in… at Tribune-Review
Young basketball players to face emergency… at Tribune-Review
Body Found In McBride Park at KDKA
Fire Marshal Investigating Fatal Duquesne Fire at WPXI 11

When I learned about getting control of my health again at The Chopra Center I remember hearing Drs. Deepak Chopra or David Simon talk about having an open mind to seeing all the different layers of life. We have 3 different physical layers, 3 different subtle (mind) layers, and 3 different causal layers. Our senses, our beliefs, and our experiences make up most of what we see as reality, but we have to have an open mind to change.

What does this have to do with my local news and gaining control of my health? As I was reading the local headlines I thought about some world news, then news in the United States, Pittsburgh news, my local township news, my family news, and then my own personal news. All different layers of existence depending on what I decide to focus on.

After going through 7 major surgeries and dealing with a rollercoaster ride of good and bad health I have learned one thing about staying alive and being happy. I have to start at the smallest layer to heal again. The financial news, the crime in my area, and even my family can not change in a positive way unless I get control of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. When that happens the loved ones around me feel better, and I can work at helping others and giving to my community. Sometimes when I focus on the headline news I know I am only doing it to avoid things that I should be doing down at a smaller layer of my life. Don

Beating the Hard Times With a Positively Smashing 2×4

For those of you who know me, you know that I am not much into with a metaphoric . One of the only purposes (IMHO) a metaphoric 2×4 serves is to inflict further injury or self deprecation. HOWEVER, I have found a more positive purpose for the 2×4; use it to smack the living daylights out of negativity during what might be considered hard times. Let’s face it folks, you and I both know that we could easily become bloody pulps, as there is so much negativity in the air right now (particularly the news), not to mention fear and desperation.

So my dear readers and friends, I would like to encourage you try some of the following positive 2×4 swinging techniques to beat the crap out of any negativity that may be looming (and to protect yourself):

1. Smile big and smile often. There is this great quote, "Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to." I did that all day yesterday, every where I went I just smiled. It was great to see the looks and even get smiles back.
2. Cop that attitude of gratitude. If you are feeling on the verge of negativity, stop whatever it is you are doing and start thanking the Universe for all the good that’s surrounding you, everything you have in your life right now that is awesome and positive. ("Thank you for my health" OR "I am so grateful for my family and friends.")
3. Bury your head in the sand. No, I’m not talking about avoiding reality. What I am talking about is choosing the news to read and watch wisely. Getting caught up in all the garbage and subjecting yourself

The Artist as Mystic

This post marks the first in a series I have planned addressing the need I believe our species and this planet has for creative people to evoke a spirit of sacred service within the arts. In doing so, I’ll be exploring principles that many highly accomplished artists draw upon as they embrace their vital roles as prime functionaries of an emerging global mythos