Have you heard of Phiten necklaces?

I just learned about them a week ago.

For some background, Scienceline.org explains, 


In 1982 Yoshihiro Hirata, an alternative medicine practitioner, founded Phiten, the company that sells his titanium-infused products. The necklaces first gained prominence in Japan, where they are still popular with athletes. According to the company, the necklaces and bracelets work by stabilizing the electric flow that nerves use to communicate actions to the body. “All of the messages in your body travel through electricity, so if you’re tired or just pitched nine innings, the electricity isn’t flowing as smoothly as it can,” said Joe Furuhata, a Phiten spokesman. “Our products smooth out those signals.” 

Apparently a number of professional athletes believe in the power of these necklaces.

Have you heard about them before? And what do you think — effective or a gimmick? 

Do You Get Hot Flashes?

Q: What herbs do you recommend for hot flashes during menopause? And, why do we have them?

A: As our baby boomer population moves into its forties and fifties, menopause is becoming an important health issue. When women stop ovulating they experience a decrease in circulating estrogen levels. This in turn leads to increased reactivity of blood vessels and the autonomic system that regulates perspiration. Hot flashes are also common in women who are receiving anti-estrogen treatment for breast cancer as well as men receiving hormonal therapy for prostate cancer.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, the reason women have fewer heat related illnesses (referred to as Pitta imbalances) during their reproductive years is that they naturally release accumulated heat through their monthly menstrual flow. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, the blood is considered the heating principle in the body. When a woman transitions through menopause, she no longer has the opportunity to release the accumulated fire through her periods and therefore, for a time may experience hot flashes. The intensity of hot flashes seems to correlate with how abruptly a woman has a decline in her estrogen production. When a woman goes through a surgical menopause, she experiences a very abrupt change in her hormonal levels whereas during natural menopause the changes are more gradual.

A recent study looked at the incidence of menopausal symptoms in Asian woman and found that they were considerably less common and disabling. When they were given hormone replacement therapy, they showed the anticipated rise in blood levels of estrogens, but did not report much in the way of benefits on the subjective symptoms of menopause. Many researchers are suggesting that the difference between Asian and American women

Release Tension with the Equestrian Pose

This yoga sequence provides a number of benefits, including improving posture, lengthening the thigh muscle and releasing tension from the front of the hip.

Equestrian Pose


From a standing position take a few deep breaths in and out. Smilewith your eyes. Release the tension in your jaw, tongue at fire point(refer to Tips) allow your eyes to close. Celebrate your breath!

Inhale; reach your hands to the sky.

Exhale, and bring your hands to your feet.

Inhale, extend your left leg back bending your right knee. Make sureyour right knee is slightly bent in front of your right ankle forsupport. Your left leg is extended back with your toes curled under.Breathe 6-9 Breaths.

Continue breathing as you match the form in the picture above.

Resting the top of your left knee on the floor for balance. Closeyour eyes and bring your awareness to your left hip and thigh. Take sixto nine deep breaths in and out through your nostrils. Tongue at FirePoint (refer to tips).

Variations: Raise your arms up if comfortable.

Rest in Child

On Break-ups

We are a society that does not allow mourning. We skim quickly over the major transitions in life, especially if they are unpleasant. Learning how to grieve is an important part of living. If you do not let go and grieve there is no space within to move forward. Even in relationships that continue over a long period of time, there is a process of grieving that must take place, when the relationship changes. Something is lost that was of value. It must be acknowledged, grieved, and released.

Meditation and Health

Meditation has been shown to improve many areas of our health. However, as each individual grows and changes in his or her own way and at his or her own speed, there can be no guarantee for any specific change. Meditation restores harmony and balance throughout our physiology, removing the causes of many of the health challenges we face.

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