Gotham Chopra: Unfortunately, “Joe the Plumber” is an Actual Guy

Today Joe was out stumping for John McCain, sharing his foreign policy expertise when he agreed with an audience member that an Obama presidency would result in the “death of Israel.” Say What?

How the hell did this happen?

Mind you that the appearance on the campaign was an officially McCain sanctioned event. Later came Joe’s admission on Fox News that he knew just about enough on foreign policy to be labeled “dangerous.” Yes ladies and gentlemen, the GOP’s strategy for winning the most important election of the last century has descended to this.

Early on, “Joe the plumber” as a symbol or metaphor probably seemed like a good idea. But who made the call that Joe was someone who belonged on the trail? Bad idea. When did the McCain camp decide that this guy was qualified to serve as a mouthpiece for their campaign? Combined with the last few days rumor mill that Palin and McCain advisors are ready to go to war, is it any surprise that McCain-Palins seems headed for a real ass-kicking a week from now?

How badly has he managed his campaign? Think about it people, he is running against a black man whose middle name is “Hussein.” That bad!!!!

There will be many postmortems in the weeks and months ahead about how and when exactly the McCain campaign collapsed. Personally, I still think it was his selection of Palin who is so wildly unqualified for the VP role, and increasingly became a drag on his campaign the more she spoke, that we no choice but to question his decision-making. The fact that she’s gone “rogue” (I love that!!!!) is just fantastic. Had it not been real life, with so much at stake, it would also be funny. Alas, the fact that her own handlers are so petrified of her going “off-script” also clearly says something pretty dramatic and telling about her readiness for the job.

On the upside, lost in all the hysteria of the last few months is the truly historic moment that seems to be looming. We stand on the cusp of electing and African-American to the presidency of the United States. Wow!

While I remain shocked that McCain has mismanaged his campaign so badly — and that will ultimately be his downfall — the truth is when it came to his own “story,” he never had a chance against the black guy. McCain’s old war hero status, which while noble and admirable also has a “been there, done that” sort of feel, and could never really hang with the juggernaut Obama myth, which caught fire during primary season when he battled off another dynamic story in Hillary Clinton and never let up. The recent images from this weekend of Obama’s massive crowds in Denver is a testament to the momentum with which he seems to be cresting as election day arrives. All signs point to “Go.”

As I write this, I have

Is there a religious reason to vote for or against Obama or McCain?

An article in the Washington Post On Faith section in response to their question: Is there a religious reason to vote for or against Obama or McCain?

There never will be, and never should be, a religious reason to pick one candidate over another. God hasn’t personally voted in an American election, but he keeps voting by proxy. In an ideal world that would never happen. Supernatural beings aren’t citizens. Omniscient deities don’t make choices (since they already know every outcome in advance). To anyone who holds a serious regard for the Constitution, voting your faith should be a private matter, not a public one. It wouldn’t make me happy to know that a Catholic friend voted for someone solely because he was a Catholic, or that a Jewish friend voted for someone solely because he took a hawkish stand pro Israel, but that’s

Where is the Love?

When I found this site I was very excited, however, I began to read blogs that surprised me quite a bit. Described in one word…vitriolic. Some political blogs here were not at all unlike blogs or conversations expected from those who are not enlightened. I read so many beautiful "Intents" on this websit, many dealing with love and tolerance, hope and encouragement, sensitivity and compassion, all so noble.

Then I read some blogs. My initial thoughts were absolute shock.

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5 Things about me ~

1. I


I had to get with it yesterday. Had Birthday cake Saturday. Then mom cooked these enchiladas Monday night that she downloaded the reciped from Oprah’s website and they were so delicious that I had two, and then of course my Sister that same night brought a chocolate chip cake. And I promise you this is not an exageration: She is the best baker in the world. It’s like the Borg, when she bakes something. There’s absolutely no resistance. You look at it and say, "Today’s over."

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