What Brings You Clarity?

When seeking answers to life’s big questions, we all have our preferred approaches. Some venture into the woods- others, the watering hole. Many retreat into solitude; some conduct running polls of their friends, family members, and, even, the trusted bartender at said watering hole. Different individuals and situations prompt different needs for adequate reflection and evaluation. What are yours? Where do you go for an infusion of clarity- the mountains, a beach-front sanctuary, a local park or garden, a traditional place of worship? Whom or what do you bring along- a book, a journal, a straight-shooting pal, your loyal canine companion?

I tend to retreat inward. Usually my yoga mat comes along, and most often, I have my most profound moments of "Ah-ha" (the sound of an epiphany, not the 80s band) when I’m surrounded by nature. The fresh air helps me breathe deeper, listen more carefully, and think through the issues rattling around in my brain with fewer obstructions.

Halloween Bio Nite

Halloween is not the same without a good horror movie to end the night, even though heading to a dark bedroom after the show might be more spooky than normal. Chances are you might even lie in bed awake with no hope of sleep thinking about how the evil monster might be inside your closet. This is just one of many reasons for sleep deprivation.

Many Americans experience sleep deprivation on a regular basis and it is definitely cause for concern. Adequate restful sleep, like diet and exercise, is critical to good health. Insufficient sleep can result in mental and physical health problems.

BIO NITE is your solution to this problem and here is why. The primary ingredient in BIO NITE is melatonin, which is naturally secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. One of melatonin

Letting go!

The moment we are born life starts teaching us to let go. Ironically enough, we struggle at it till our last breath.We have to leave the warmth and security of our mom’s womb to take our first breath in the outer world and WE CRY. Trying to hold on to that comfort we want to be cuddled and pampered as small babies. When we are fed, our definition of warmth start shifting to food. A child crying otherwise can be sometimes appeased with feeding if there is no other discomfort or sickness. The food changes to attention and attention changes to nothing. From then on, we keep hankering for it in some way or the other. Cradle is given away when we learn to crawl and toys get replaced as we outgrow them. Once they were something like a musical phone and then they become more and more advanced before our playground moves from kindergarten to college where people and ambition, fame and recognition become our newly found ones. No wonder a teen had to skirmish too much to give up childhood to gain youth. Once that age, life teaches us a hell lot. The ups and downs, the pride and shame, the rise and fall. And love where breakups teach giving it up. Then arises a quest that asks to give up lust, obsessions, desires, artificiality and feverishness in order to get closer to something that makes more sense. But the hankering continues- first for recognition, then for attention, then for stability, then for love and lastly, for the truth. Even when we know and experience that life is a futile exercise, desires lurk each time we are out of touch with them. We think we grew up, we think there is a balance until something happens that shakes us the same way. For establishing a place, for grabbing some attention, we work and work, fool others and fool ourselves until one day we have to let go of our youth. All this time from a kindergarten kid to a highly paid professional of some repute we had conveniently forgotten that time was on the move and that no matter how hard we try we cannot hold on to it. Till the age of five to seven, letting go used to be only an issue for just that time point when it was required. We would cry, fight, shout or run away from the source of disagreement and change projects so many times in one day. Nothing persisted for more than a day. But after that somehow the interval called "holding on to something" expanded and expanded. Because all the disagreements were sent to the subconscious mind so that we could be agreeable in the small niche that time had offered in a particular competitive situation then. We leave our home, our city or country to look for a life- a job and a family. One day family members independently look for their own ways and they too leave. Friends, near and dear ones part, sometimes within the boundaries of earth and sometimes beyond that. But we still have our first trophy from college reminding us of our academic victory then, a picture or an email from our first boyfriend or girlfriend. They merely symbolize "holding on to" that is already present surreptitiously in the unknown area called "mind". And then suddenly one day age starts imposing its restrictions. In all that mad race when we notice that each day and each night teaches us to let go, each season, especially the fall, asks us to let go and even shows that nothing lasts but everything gets renewed and that renewal was inevitable, it never forms a lasting impression on us. Something in us keep forgetting that a change is due and we build our dreams and notions, preferences and reservations as if we are immortals. And then one day whether you like it or not you have to give up this body and all your worldly possessions. Some saints in India put ashes on their foreheads as it reminds them everyday that they are going to turn into it in no time. One of the most interesting and important thing that gives relief to people like me and might also give anxiety to some others is the unpredictability of it. A bad habit is very difficult to let go of and so is a good habit at the other end of the spectrum. Why is it very difficult to submerge in meditation? Simply because the ego refuses to go! It has been said with reference to reincarnation that the lasting impressions in the mind at the time of death decide the nature of the next birth. What if the mind were devoid of any impression at that time? Probably then we could choose to be or not to be. I wonder when there was no control or memory of why we were born and when there would be no control on how, where and when we would die, what would holding on to anything in between serve for. Is it not important to get into the habit of doing something, get done, detach, do the next, the next and get renewed with each fleeting second? Would it not be a good practice for letting go?



Cooking and Raw together

Charles and I are loving the post summer calm we always experience here in the East End of Long Island that is super busy in summers.

I am testing and writing recipes for a book I am writing and we are harvesting the most adorable tiny minature eggplants. I just don’t like them raw, and love the grilled. But we DO love to eat lots and lots of raw.

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