Mallika Chopra: No on Prop 8; Yes on Prop 2

November 4th is upon us — how are you going to vote? We at Intent have been closely following the run-up to the elections: watching the presidential and vice presidential debates, and learning about the candidates’policies and platforms. We have also been paying attention to certainCalifornia propositions — most notably Proposition 8 and Proposition 2.

I am going to vote NO on Prop 8 — and

Intent Delivers Pizza to Obama Headquarters

We’re a political staff and not quiet about it either. As inidividuals, we all happen to support Barack Obama in next Tuesday’s election. Over the past several months we’ve independently blogged about the election and politics, donated money, participated in phonebanks and fundraisers, posted stories to our social media profiles and sported Obama t-shirts and buttons.

We’ve been supporting each other’s efforts, but hadn’t done anything together, until this week when we delivered 10 large pizzas to the Obama headquarters in Santa Monica. The headquarters is staffed by volunteers who make tens of thousands of phone calls daily. We’d heard that the atmosphere is more jovial and the efforts more prolonged when volunteers are fed. Not science I know.

Blogtag: Its my turn up on the soapbox!

Well, it had to happen eventually: I’ve been blogtagged! Blog tag is a social experiment started by Dave Trager which is rapidly approaching critical mass! Learn more about it in Dave’s blog. Any questions about the game? Ask yours truly or the original perpetrator, SuperDave.

In fact, I have the privilege of having been tagged by two charming ladies in the same day – thanks Rebekah

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