The Turning Point

"After a time of decay, comes the turning point." This passage from the I Ching came to mind after the last few days of financial turmoil in the world markets. The truth is, our system has been in a state of decay for a very long time. But like the passage I do not look at this as necessarily a bad thing. I myself am hanging on by a thread to my home but again if this is truly the turning point, then perhaps it will all be worth it. The most important thing is to look out for each other during the hard times to come and they could be very hard. When you ask someone how they are doing, really mean it. Listen to your friends and family for signs of distress and do what you can to help them through. Because if you want to keep your head above water, help someone do the same. If you want to thrive during these down times help someone else thrive. If you want comfort, comfort others. Our universe is one of abundance, together we can overcome our current obstacles and not just survive these times but flourish. Perhaps we will look back at 2008 and realize it truly was the turning point. A warm Aloha to all

108 Ways to Attain Divine Consciousness

Question to Deepak: You mentioned, "two sensory paths of meditation" in a recent post, as you were addressing sight and sound as forms to reach the silent self. So this made me wonder and question, what about the other senses, such as touch, smell, and taste?

Can we also meditate upon them for the same results? It would appear so if sight and sound are two ways to meditate. And if so, where do the other three sensory paths fit in as far as effectiveness? And finally, can we meditate beyond the five senses? If so, how and what tool is used, i.e., the brain or something else more spiritual and not of our physical world, such as soul or spirit?

Answer from Deepak: Meditation provides a means through which awareness can experience its own pure nature. As such, meditation on a sound or an image is only the vehicle for the mind to follow to subtler and subtler levels of experience, until it lets go of the most refined level of that experience and is left with its own Self, pure consciousness.

As you suggest, there are many possible vehicles for the mind to transcend with, including all of the five senses. In the Vedic literature a more thorough analysis lists 108 possible avenues to Samadhi through some combination of the three different states of relative consciousness, the five organs of action, the five elements, and the five senses of perception along with the mind and intellect.



Diwali Season!

As we come to the end of Nav Ratri, the Diwali season is in full swing.
Lot’s of shows and other events all over Trinidad and Tobago and the
Hindu world. In Trinidad and Tobago where there are Muslims, Hindus and
Christians all in significant amounts the festivals of Eid-Ul-Fitr,
Diwali and Christmas are usually celebrated every year in very close
proximity to one another and sometimes the festivals are so close in
succession nationwide you see something you may not see world
over…you see structures erected say at roundabouts where a three
armed symbol is shown one arm a deeya, one a moon and star and one a
cross. I remember seeing that symbol a few years ago and found it so
interesting…the concept of three rolling around in my head…three
wise men, the trinity…it is that thought process and the fact that in
Trinidad we have a body called the IRO-Inter Religious Organization of
Trinidad and Tobago that inspired me to include that body in my Me Eat
Manicou? theatre production in 2006. It was in that theatre production
that the IRO was asked to decide on the fate of the animals-The Three
Attacking Agoutis, Agouti Agnes Notamouse and Manick De Manicou…with
the pastor, pundit and imam all mulling it over and then coming to a
consensus to give the animals a home in the village and to punish the
attacking ones.

asked later that year to do a short adaptation of Me Eat Manicou? for
my company’s Diwali function I decided to keep the IRO theme going and
show how each religious leader visited the other ones religious
functions and in my show both the pastor and imam attended the diwali
celebrations…as did the pundit attend the celebrations of the imam
and pastor. Unity in diversity indeed! Below I leave you with some
scenes from the production carried out on the small, temporary stage. Manick Escapes to (company’s name).
Photos by Tyron Waterman 2006 and Theatre Production done by Meady’s Musings Production 2006.

My First Cleanse: Day 1

What’s a cleanse? Simply put, a cleanse is a short-term regimen designed to detoxify your body — it could be from sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, meat or something else. Most cleanses are similar to fasting, so you’ll likely take in a lot of fluids to flush out toxins from the body. Be sure to consult your health-care provider before beginning a cleanse.