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Magic is Afoot!

This newsletter is from an
author whose book played a significant role in following my vision of my life.

Four For Friday – The Election Edition

Q1 – Talk About It: Many of my friends have commented they cannot discuss politics with co-workers, family, friends and others without conflict rearing its ugly head. Do you feel you can talk with your family and friends about this particularly divisive Presidential election?

Q2 – And The Winner Is: Do you know who you’re voting for in next week’s Presidential election?

Q3 – Call It: A pollster is a professional whose primary job is conducting private pre-election surveys and advising candidates on election strategy. Put your pollster hat on: Who will win the Presidential election and by what margin (in percentages)?

Q4 – Issues: What do you think is the most important issue in next Tuesday’s Presidential election?

10 Ways to Enjoy Halloween with Your Family

Halloween can be one of the most fun holidays to enjoy with your children, but with all that candy and high expectations it can also explode in a meltdown!

Here are some ideas that have worked with my family that might help you get through it all in one piece!

1. Avoid the Halloween stores
This may sound weird, but those party stores come Halloween ain’t what they used to be – they’re pretty scary! Even for wussy adults such as myself. So if you have wee ones, don’t risk turning your kids off the holiday for good, with an unnecessary trip to Amityville.

2. Involve your kids in the decision-making
May sound too obvious, but allowing your kids to choose their own costume – even if it doesn’t conform with your idea of a cutie pie Tinkerbell will go a long way to making the holiday more enjoyable. Maybe they just don’t want to go trick or treating this year and would rather just receive other kids at home. Fine. Go with the flow.

3. Don’t overschedule
There’s a lot going on, a lot of stimuli

Is Your Yoga Teacher Insane?

He who applies himself to the doctrine of truth,illuminates this world like the moon set free from the clouds."–Dhammapada

When I found out one of my favorite yoga teachers goes to a shrink, I figured it must be one helluva shrink. After all, I find great clarity in this yoga teacher’s class. So I got the name and number of this Dr. Schein and showed up for a session.

"So David, what brings you here today?" he asked.

"Well I feel so nervous about the impact of the economy on my financial well-being. That and I have a strange fetish with gerbils," I quietly answered

"Who doesn’t!" he shot back.

"Oh good, so I’m not alone. It’s just that I find them so cute and squiggly," I added

"Oh I was referring to the economy, not the gerbils. And let me tell you, I’ve gotten some great advice from my shrink about this subject," Dr Schein continued.

"Wait a second, you have a shrink?"

And a few weeks later I booked an appointment with the shrink to the shrink. And after 6 months, I discovered the shrink to the shrink to the shrink to the shrink to the shrink to the shrink. All rivers seem to lead to one ocean, one guy who seems to be at the top of the chain of shrinks, a Dr.Abramowitz-Weinstein.

It took me 2 months but I finally got an appointment feeling absolutely confident that Dr. A&W, as they call him, would be nothing short of a friggin guru.

A measly man, 5 foot 2 with bifocals and a toupee, Dr. A&W greeted me.

"Velcome," he said in a German accent.

It didn’t take long before he led me outside, down a path, through the forest, around a pond, under a tunnel, over a mountain, across a graveyard, and through a labyrinth. And there in the middle of the labyrinth on a golden table was a big chocolate truffle.

"Zis is the answer," he said.

I hesitated but ate the special chocolate and felt amazing. I wandered throughthe woods and returned to Dr. A&W week after week. Each time I would eat another special chocolate and feel more ecstatic joy frolicking amongst the trees.

Finally, after thousands of dollars of doctor’s bills and a strange problem with itching, I had the special chocolates investigated and realized they were coated in oxycontin. I turned Dr. A&W into the police who also discoveredhe ran a huge pot farm, yoga studio operated by midget hookers, and counterfeit Christian Louboutin shoe factory. 

I was devastated. Horrified. Flabbergasted. Oh my God. To think all those shoes I’d bought from him were fake?!


At that moment I realized the Source does not exist in the form of a humanbeing. Yes there are gurus who are close to pure channels of the Source energy.Wayne Dyer calls them "Sorcerers." But for most of us, it’s not likely we will come in contact with these gurus unless we’re able to journey to India.  So the most realistic and financially healthy option is to chart your own path to the Source energy.

Source energy is rich with wisdom and revitilizing power that is yet to be filtered by the mental kaleidoscope. Think natural spring water. Think organic food. Think pure healing energy.  Without a daily moment of mental freedom, we essentially spend the day wallowing in the pollution of old habits and smoggy consciousness. Think Tijuana tap water. Think McDonald’s filet o’fish. Think the nastiness in the crevice of an American Airlines seat. 

Carlos Castaneda said, "The task of sorcerers was to face infinity and they plunged into it daily as a fisherman plunges into the sea." Each and every day, we must find the place from which to take the plunge. The plunge need not be from the ridge of the Himalayas. It can be from the ridge of a fine glass of Cabernet or (if you don’t drink), from the miniature craters of chocolate coating a Vosges red-fire tortilla chip (see below).   Who doesn’t feel like jumping from all that binds her to the world!

There’s nothing wrong with a trip to a Shrink many of whom are brilliant. But there should be a balance. By taking too much of a another’s advice whether it’s your crazy red-headed yoga teacher or Dr. Abramowitz-Weinstein, you risk ingesting the runoff of their influences, flaws, and fears.  But worse, you risk drowning out one of the most untapped human resources: intuiton. As Herman Hesse said, "All I ever wanted was to live from the promptings ofmy true self, why was that so difficult?"

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